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Easier than you think: cleaning TUXEDO Computers laptops

    A microfiber cloth with water is usually quite sufficient

    Right now, customers often ask about the "right cleaning" of laptops - but there is not much to consider:

    Disinfection is not necessary for devices from TUXEDO Computers, as a normal but thorough cleaning is already sufficient to remove dirt and bacteria as well as viruses that accumulate in everyday life. Basically, the computer should always be switched off beforehand and all attached peripheral devices should also be disconnected from the device and the power cable removed.

    A microfiber cloth with water

    A microfiber cloth that is wetted with a bit of water is perfectly sufficient for cleaning the chassis. Internally, TUXEDO Computers likes to use a mixture of glass cleaner and orange oil - but the point here is that fingerprints are removed. The customer is thus provided with a clean and fresh device. The glass cleaner is not used for the display, however, because it causes streaks here. If you want, you can also use special monitor cleaners, but this is not necessary for everyday use.

    Not too wet and no alcohol

    In general, care should be taken that the cloth is not too damp, liquids should also only be applied to the cloth and not directly to the device, and not too much pressure should be applied. Cleaning agents that contain alcohol or similar should not be used here, because these agents could damage the paint or the case. The laptop will then no longer look good, and you do not want to risk that as a user.

    Careful but not rough

    Cleaning should be done thoroughly. Care should be taken with the keyboard and not too much rubbing back and forth, so that the keys cannot be accidentally torn off. There is no need to worry about the lettering: The keys are lasered and thus durable.
    A certain care and caution should also be taken with the touchpad, i.e. do not get the cloth too wet. Afterwards, the device can either be dried or you can simply wait until everything is dry. Furthermore, the bottom tray of some TUXEDO Computers laptops can be removed to clean the fan and the laptop's innards accordingly. This does not damage the warranty.

    Once all parts are cleaned and dry, the various cables for power etc. can be reconnected and the device is ready for further use.