Knoppix 8.3 USB-Stick
16 GB USB 3.0
Official Edition

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    • HW10074_8.3
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    • Your familiar Knoppix environment on a USB stick

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    Knoppix always and everywhere, with this USB stick it is possible!

    Use your usual Knoppix environment on any computer with USB connection.
    To do this, simply set the host computer to "from USB-HDD" or "removable disk" in the BIOS setup.
    You already enjoy the ease of use and all known programs that Knoppix provides.

    In addition, it is also possible to install Linux directly from the USB stick on your computer!

    In addition, a "virtual machine" is already installed on the stick. This means that you can also run Linux from this USB stick directly under Windows!

    Of course, there is still enough space on the stick to store your own files, personal data and other software.

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