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Your Benefits

The name TUXEDO Computers combines both the requirements and the product range: TUXEDO is in English the tailor-made suit. The name of the Linux mascot Tux is also included. TUXEDO computers are not only PCs with Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit, you can recognize them by their name. Only where TUXEDO is written on it, Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit is included!

Computers, notebooks, PCs and laptops from TUXEDO Computers are not mass-produced or off-the-shelf. Each device is individually assembled, installed, configured and tested for you. This ensures consistently high quality, reliability, smooth running and low noise levels. For example, we only install fans that are capable of cooling significantly stronger configurations. So there is hardly any noise!

In addition, it is always possible to implement your individual wishes in the configurations as well as to manufacture your individual devices and configurations. Whether you are a private or business customer, whether you want to use our devices at home, in the office, in production, in training or on the road - we have the right solution for you!


100% Linux

TUXEDO Computers does not offer standard Linux PCs, but systems specially tailored to the customer. The name TUXEDO Computers combines both the demands and the product range: TUXEDO means tailor-made suit. It also contains the name of the Linux mascot Tux. The specially developed drivers as well as the themes and desktop backgrounds are made available to the community. In addition, TUXEDO Computers participates in various Linux and community projects and supports local Linux user groups with various benefits in kind and in cash.

Lifetime Support

TUXEDO Computers offers not only hardware, but also individual support for the respective devices and for the supported operating systems. Customers and users have access to a comprehensive online support area as well as a free hotline or advice by e-mail. In addition to the device, customers receive a free USB stick with the TUXEDO Computers WebFAI. This means that a new installation of a current system can be carried out at any time - the device is set up in the same way as it is done in production. These new installations are maintained and tested by TUXEDO Computers.

5 Years Warranty

TUXEDO Computers devices come with a 2-year warranty for pick-up and return, optional up to 5 years for pick-up and return (wearing parts excluded).
The powerful systems from TUXEDO Computers require regular maintenance of the cooling system. Opening the service door by the customer - if available on the respective model - does not result in any loss of rights in the event of defects or loss of warranty. In addition, the device may only be opened by TUXEDO Computers Technical Support or by authorized third parties.

Made in Germany

TUXEDO Computers is a regionally operating company in Augsburg with local business partners and partners in Leipzig. The assembly and installation is done in-house with specially programmed drivers, scripts and add-ons. Support also has its own repositories. In addition, the company has its own infrastructure for repair, service and support services.

German Data Protection

The TUXEDO Computers online shops, the myTUXEDO cloud and the server infrastructure are located in Germany. The newsletter system is also from a third party provider in Germany and therefore complies with the data protection laws and the EU DSGVO. Data protection and security are always in the foreground at TUXEDO Computers.
In addition to purchasing a device, buyers also receive exclusive access to the myTUXEDO Cloud, which is also subject to German data protection laws. In addition, users also benefit from the data protection of the myTUXEDO cloud independently of purchasing a device: storage space packages between 25 GB and 1000 GB can be purchased here independently of the purchase of a device.

On-site support

TUXEDO Computers offers on demand and after individual arrangement on-site support and ensures that customers can use their device immediately after a defect. That is why there is "on-site support": Technical customer service provides direct assistance - without a queue and without questionnaires. Should customers have a defective device, the TUXEDO Computers pick-up and delivery service ensures that customers receive the appropriate spare part or device within the shortest possible time and have a functioning device available again as quickly as possible.