Adjustments after installation

We have deliberately decided not to offer any TUXEDO installation images!
With installation images from us, you would always be dependent on our images, i. e."dependent"on us, which would contradict the Linux idea!
In addition, maintaining many different installation images involves a lot of effort and can never be as up to date and complete as the servers of the Linux distributions themselves!
For this reason, we offer installation support and instructions as well as driver packages. So you can customize your system with your individual installation as we would do it!

We have the instructions to be found on these pages ready AND an automatic adjustment script!

Our automatic adjustment script can be downloaded here:

The other downloads below are only available for download for the sake of completeness (in case you only want to reinstall the driver for example).
The script performs the driver installation, special key configurations, TUXEDO driver installation, disabling shopping suggestions in the Ubuntu search, for devices with NVIDIA graphics the appropriate drivers and switching links, laptop mode-tools for better power control and much more. through. It also checks whether the drivers and configurations are already installed or have been executed and corrects them if necessary. You can safely execute the script several times!

Please use this script only for TUXEDO laptops with the distributions we offer!
For other districts, for example, only the driver can be used as a. deb or. rpm package (e. g. for Debian on a Tuxedo Book).

The script also adds our repository with the latest version of our own driver (Tuxedo-wmi) and other useful packages. This way everything can be kept automatically up-to-date.

  1. Open a terminal (console, usually possible with the key combination CTRL+ALT+T) and log in as root to
    sudo su
  2. Ubuntu/Linux Mint: For Ubuntu and Mint it is advisable to perform a dist-upgrade before the script:
    apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade
  3. Download the script attached below, memorize the directory and then change with
    cd "PATH/"
    in this directory or add the path to the following entries before "". For example, if the script file is located in the download folder of your home directory, you must enter
    cd Downloads/
  4. Make the tuxedo. sh executable:
    chmod +x
  5. Execute it afterwards:

    Now the script starts with its work. Sometimes a "Bad Trap" message is issued, just give the script a few minutes, then you will see the progress.
  6. At the end it reports what it has done and whether there were errors or if everything was OK and, if necessary, prompts you to restart by pressing the Enter key. For example, if you see no green OK at the "Update" point, run the script again after 24 hours (point 4). It sometimes happens that the update servers of the distributions (therefore not the Tuxedo servers!) cannot be reached due to maintenance work.