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Accessories, Components and Peripherals


Here you will find accessories, components and peripherals for your TUXEDO system.
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More sub catagories:

  • Batteries


    Additional and spare batteries for your TUXEDO Book. So that you don't run out of energy on the road.

  • Displays


    High-quality monitors in various sizes for your TUXEDO

  • Dockingstations


    Work flexibly with hubs and docking stations

  • Books


    Reading tips for beginners, switchers or advanced users. Note: Books are only available in German!

  • Input Devices & Peripherals

    Input Devices & Peripherals

    Mice, keyboards, adapters and external drives

  • Bags & Sleeves

    Bags & Sleeves

    For the comfortable and safe transport of your TUXEDO

  • Fan Merchandise

    Fan Merchandise

    Everyone loves Tux! Here you will find your personal companion made of plush.

  • Notebook Power Supplies & Cords

    Notebook Power Supplies & Cords

    Additional and spare power supplies for your TUXEDO Book. A power supply for home and one for the office or second home?

  • Components & Complements

    Components & Complements

    TUXEDO Books are easy and individually upgradeable. Single components and complements for subsequent ordering can be found here.

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