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Payment methods

For the most convient orders we offer various payment methods. Please choose your preferred method and we take care everything else. You can choose from the following methods:


Advance payment

After placing your order you'll recieve a confirmation as well as all necessary information via e-mail. Please state your order order invoice number and your name, followed by your customer number if you already have one as reference!

Account holder: TUXEDO Computers GmbH
IBAN: DE52720500000250874716
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Augsburg
Reference: Order no. or invoice no.+ customer no. + name


Sofort payment

After successfully finishing the order process you will be redirected to where you can transfer the order amount directly via your online banking interface! We will immediately recieve a confirmation and will ship your order as fast as possible!



During your order process PayPal is available as payment method. After finishing the process you can pay directly.
Alternatively you can send the payment directly to paypal @ tuxedocomputers . com (Please remove blank spaces!).
Via PayPal you can choose from these payment methods: Credit cards, bank transfer, direct debit.


Cash on delivery

Payments for orders with cash at delivery have to be handled with DHL. Please have the amount invoiced matching ready for the delivery person.
Please note that DHL's order value for cash on delivery deliveries is limited to a maximum of 3,500€ and for german customers only!

We don't charge you for any cash on delivery fee, but DHL/UPS collects 2.00 € shipping directly.

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, COD shipments will always be delivered to the nearest store by DHL until further notice.


Credit card available soon

Payment with Visa or MasterCard up to 3,000 €


Payment on invoice

Available for regular and business customers as well as public amenities after consultation.
If payment on invoice isn't offered during the order process and you can't agree with any other way of payment please contact us!


Cash at collection Not possible at the moment!

As soons as your goods are ready for collection you will recieve a "shipping confirmation". Please let us know at what time and date you would like to collect your order. We are available for you from Monday to Friday at 9-13 and 14-17h. Please have your amount invoiced matching with you! Credit card or debit card payments at site are not possible, unfortunately. Due to the current situation is cash payment on pick-up not available at the moment!


Financing or leasing

Due to the high fees compared to the leasing and financing companies and the high manual effort, we do not offer the purchase via financing or leasing.

As an explanation:
Processing via leasing and financing service providers is associated with high fees, which we would have to pass on to our customers. However, since we basically offer considerably more services than any competitor worldwide, we do not want to distort our prices by such additional surcharges. However, you can apply for equipment leasing through your bank (or PayPal e.g.) and then purchase the equipment from us. Through feedback we know that this way has already been chosen by other customers. This would also be advantageous from a data protection point of view, because we have no detailed knowledge about it - and we don't want to have any.