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Shipping costs & delivery times

We're delivering your order in almost every country, inside Europe, even free of charge! All shipping fees as well as the threshold amount for free shipping are listed below.


Free shipping in Germany

Starting from 100 € value of goods, shipping is free inside Germany.


7.99 € shipping cost at max!

No matter how many small articles you order, such as USB stick card reader, LAN adapters or fan articles, with us, you pay a maximum of 7.99 € shipping costs.

  • 7.99 € shipping fee for all orders below 100 € of goods
  • Free shipping from 100 € total value of goods

You can check all occurring shipping costs or if we even deliver for free right before sending your order!


International delivery

Here are the shipping costs as well as the amount threshold for your order. The threshold is referring to the total amount of your order, which enables free shipping.

⚠️ Countries to which we unfortunately cannot ship, and information on how you can still order from us, can be found here!


Country Shipping Fee Free Shipping From
Albania 99,00 EUR -
Andorra 59,00 EUR -
Belarus Temporarily no delivery possible 59,00 EUR -
Belgium 8,49 EUR 100 EUR
Bulgaria 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Denmark 8,49 EUR 100 EUR
Estonia 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Faeroe Islands 129,00 EUR -
Finland 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
France 9,99 EUR 120 EUR
Greece 22,90 EUR -
United Kingdom 9,99 EUR 120 EUR
Hong Kong 199,00 EUR -
India 199,00 EUR -
Ireland 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
Island 129,00 EUR -
Italy 9,99 EUR 120 EUR
Japan 99,00 EUR -
Canada 99,00 EUR -
Croatia 34,90 EUR 500 EUR
Latvia 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Lithuania 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Luxembourg 8,49 EUR 100 EUR
Macau 199,00 EUR -
Malta 34,90 EUR 500 EUR
Macedonia 59,00 EUR -
Montenegro 99,00 EUR -
Netherlands 8,49 EUR 100 EUR
Norway 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
Austria 8,49 EUR 100 EUR
Poland 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Portugal 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
Romania 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
San Marino 9,99 EUR 120 EUR
Sweden 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
Switzerland 13,99 EUR 150 EUR
Serbia 34,90 EUR 500 EUR
Singapore 199,00 EUR -
Slovakia 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Slovenia 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Spain (without Canary Islands) 14,99 EUR 150 EUR
Czech Republic 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
Ukraine Temporarily no delivery possible 129,00 EUR -
Hungary 15,99 EUR 160 EUR
USA including Hawaii 99,00 EUR -
United Arabic Emirates 199,00 EUR -
Cyprus 34,90 EUR 500 EUR
Qatar 199,00 EUR -

For orders outside the EU there might be additional duties, taxes or charges needed to be paid by the customer. These don't have to be paid to the supplier, but to local authorities. Please check for any details with your local customs or tax authorities before ordering! But as a benefit you don't have to pay German taxes, this means you save up to 19%!
Due to the Brexit and the associated changes, there may be delays of several days in customs clearance on site for deliveries to the UK. This is not within our sphere of influence, so we ask for your understanding.


Time of delivery

If not stated differently in the article's description, we deliver goods in:

  • 7 - 10 working days inside Germany
  • 10 - 12 working days outside Germany

For orders paid in advance, the delivery time starts with receipt of the payment. Please keep in mind that there is no delivery on Sundays or on holidays.
For goods delivered as download, there will be no shipping fees due.
Access data for downloads are sent out via e-mail 1 - 3 working days after contract formation. For orders with advanced payment, we will deliver after receiving the payment. You can download the item by using the link sent to you via e-mail.

Self-pick-up of orders is not possible, unfortunately.