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Individual Keyboards

My keyboard - just as I like!

In the spirit of Open Source, we provide production-ready templates for lasered keyboards. We want to give all enthusiasts the possibility to create their own keyboard layout and have it lasered on their Linux notebook by TUXEDO.

If your layout is also relevant for other customers, for example for new language variants, the whole service is even free of charge. Because additional special layouts in turn benefit the entire community!

What is possible



Laser etched

As a TUXEDO customer you value quality and durability - with good reason!

Therefore we generally engrave all layouts with an industrial laser on the keyboard plate.

Any Language in the world

No matter what language you speak, your TUXEDO Notebook will do too!

In addition to a variety of already existing languages from Belgian via German to Turkish, you have the possibility to have any other language lasered.

Individual Design

Choose your personal font and give your TUXEDO Book a very personal touch. As long as we receive your template as a vector graphic, there are no limits to your wishes.

Realization & Quality

Here's how

When ordering your TUXEDO Book, at Keyboard choose the option for Custom Layout. This way our assembly department knows that your device will only be manufactured when the individual layout is available.

Then simply download the template for your desired model here from GitHub, edit it accordingly, and submit it to us via email. Alternatively, you can submit a pull request as described on GitHub. Please use a reply to email order confirmation for your submission. This will allow us to quickly assign everything and production will proceed swiftly.

When editing the new file with a vector graphics program - preferably Inkscape - please note the following points:

  • The levels justify and grid are locked. Do not change them under any circumstances!
  • Ideally, do not change the position of the key labeling. If necessary, please do not place it too close to the edge of the respective key.
  • Change fonts only after prior consultation. The used font Rajdhani can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

In case of doubt, please contact our technical support for further questions!


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