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  • Your TUXEDO. Your control.

    TCC Logo

    TUXEDO Control Center


    Our in-house developed system tuning app for your TUXEDO laptop.

    No notebook is perfectly adapted to every situation and the requirements of every user. At TUXEDO, we want to give you the best possible control and customizability with your TUXEDO notebook and have developed our TUXEDO Control Center (TCC), a comprehensive tool with which you can adjust and monitor all performance, energy and comfort functions.

    Starting TCC

    To start the program, search for "TUXEDO Control Center" in the start menu or click on the small app icon in the right half of the task bar. Some TUXEDO notebooks have a physical key with a speedometer symbol, which can also be used to call up the TCC.

    Features overview

    Please click on the tiles for further information.

    Icon Dashboard

    The most important system parameters at a glance: The dashboard

    Temperatures | Power draw | Clock frequencies | Fan speeds

    Icon Profiles

    Customized profiles for every purpose

    Pre-defined profile | Custom profiles

    Icon Support

    Only one click away: Your contact to the TUXEDO customer support

    System diagnostics | Remote support | Restore system

    Icon Performance

    Always exactly the performance you need

    Power limit control | Clock speed control

    Icon Lüfter

    Greatly customizable fan control

    Pre-defined fan profiles | Custom fan curve

    Icon Ladebegrenzung

    Charging profiles for extended battery lifespan

    Full capacity | Reduced capacity | Stationary use

    Icon Grafikumschaltung

    Save power or maximize performance with graphics switching

    iGPU-only | On-Demand | dGPU-only

    Icon Tastaturbeleuchtung

    No more typing in the dark: Keyboard backlighting

    Color and brightness control

    Icon Webcam

    "Cheese please": Webcam settings

    Exposure | Balance | Colors

    Icon Tomte

    TUXEDO Tomte

    System configuration for tech enthusiasts

    Icon Aquaris

    Cool refreshment: TUXEDO Aquaris

    External water cooling for selected TUXEDO laptops