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Individual Installation

We carry out a self-developed automated network/server installation (keyword "FAI"). All necessary adjustments to the system are made automatically:
Driver installation, configurations for the special keys, TUXEDO drivers, deactivation of shopping suggestions in the Ubuntu search, for devices with NVIDIA Grafik Prime or Primus, adjustments to the bootloader, energy saving options and much more.
We also install all updates available at this time.

These adjustments can also be made via our support forum or via our automated script after a self-installation:

  • If an SSD is installed in the system, the operating system is of course installed on it and the second hard disk is integrated as data storage.
  • If an m.2 SSD is installed, the operating system is always installed on it with priority!
  • If 2 m.2 SSDs are installed, the operating system is installed on the faster NVMe SSD.
  • With 2 equally fast m.2 SATA or m.2 NVMe SSDs, the operating system is installed on the smaller of the two SSDs (even with dual boot).
  • Language, region and user settings (name & password) can then be set even after the first boot process!

For this installation we create two partitions:
1.) / (root) partition size of the whole SSD/HDD (deducted 8 GB swap)
2.) swap partition slightly larger than the working memory (max. 8 GB)

We cannot carry out individual partitioning wishes because of this fully automated installation! We're not doing a manually installation.
Alternatively, you can of course carry out a manual installation yourself at any time and then execute our adjustment script mentioned above.

Although our devices are individually built and installed, the legal right of revocation is naturally at your disposal!