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About TUXEDO Computers

The name TUXEDO Computers combines both the requirements and the product range: TUXEDO is in English the tailor-made suit. The name of the Linux mascot Tux is also included.
TUXEDO computers are not only PCs with Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit, you can recognize them by their name. Only where TUXEDO is written on it, Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit is included! :)

Computers, notebooks, PCs and laptops from TUXEDO Computers are not mass-produced or off-the-shelf. Each device is individually assembled, installed, configured and tested for you. This ensures consistently high quality, reliability, smooth running and low noise levels. For example, we only install fans that are capable of cooling significantly stronger configurations. So there is hardly any noise!

In addition, it is always possible to implement your individual wishes in the hardware configurations as well as to manufacture your individual devices and configurations. Whether you are a private or business customer, whether you want to use our devices at home, in the office, in production, in training or on the road - we have the right solution for you!

And if you still can't find the right Linux computer, the right notebook with pre-installed and configured Linux, we are happy to help. If there is not the right device for you among the following devices, just send us an e-mail or give us a call!

Information about our individual notebooks and laptops can be found here: Individual notebooks laptops