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Premium BIOS
BIOS Performance Profiles

With the new Premium BIOS of the TUXEDO Books, you can predefine various profiles for chipset-specific settings and components in order to be able to operate the device optimally depending on the application. The profiles can be found in the BIOS menu:

Advanced > Advanced Chipset Control > Performance Profile Select.

Here you have the choice between:

  • Quiet Mode: Reduced power & fan volume, partly with slightly increased temperatures.
  • Power Saving: Reduced power & maximum battery life.
  • Entertainment: Balanced mode with good performance, low fan volume & acceptable temperatures. (Default selection)
  • Performance: Maximum system performance, partly at the expense of fan volume & slightly increased temperatures.

The respective settings of the profiles influence the CPU, the GPU as well as the fans of the device. Here is a short overview:


  CPU TDP CPU Turbo GPU TBP GPU Temp Target Fan Table
Quiet Reduced yes Normal Default Quiet
Power Saving Reduced no Normal Default Default
Entertainment Default yes Normal Default Default
Performance Increased yes Increased* Increased OC

* an increase of the GPU TDP only takes place with graphics cards where NVIDIA also intends to do so.
Currently, the Max-Q versions of the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 are affected, which normally run at 80 watts
and are increased to 90 watts in the performance profile. If the device has no RTX 2070 or 2080, there will
be no change.

By the way:
Entertainment mode is selected by default. As of the next BIOS update, these modes can also be selected directly in the BIOS, so that they also work without an installed Control Center. If the Control Center is installed, the setting from the Control Center is applied and the setting in the BIOS setup is ignored. However, we will inform you about this separately.