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  • Cooling in the flow

    TUXEDO Aquaris | External water cooling


    Compatibility notes!

    Please note: This product is only supported by the following TUXEDO notebooks: TUXEDO Stellaris 15 - Gen4, TUXEDO Stellaris 17 - Gen4, TUXEDO Polaris 15 - Gen4.

    For more information about how to get started with TUXEDO Aquaris please click here.


    External water cooling
    for stationary use

    When the heat is on in virtual battles or the most computationally intensive renderings, the new external liquid cooling gadget TUXEDO Aquaris pushes the limits of cooling.

    Hidden under a black rubber cap on the back of Aquaris-supported TUXEDO notebooks is the quick release connector for plugging the two 650 mm long and 9 mm thick, black sleeved tubes into the notebook. The cooling liquid, which is in the scope of delivery, is getting pumped through a specific cooling tube that sits right on top of the regular air cooling heatpipes.

    TUXEDO Stellaris 15

    This way, the notebook's conventional air cooling gets amplified by TUXEDO Aquaris, resulting in significantly reduced surface and hardware temperatures and lower fan noise as the internal fans can spin much slower. Alternatively, the additional cooling capacity can be invested in maximized performance for rendering at highest speeds.

    The TUXEDO Aquaris' weight of 1.39 kg as well as its relatively small case dimensions of 203 x 75 x 186 mm allow an occasional transport, although - due to the need to carefully empty the Stellaris15‘s water cooling pipe and liquid cooling box beforehand each time - it is clearly designed for stationary use at the desk.

    TUXEDO Stellaris 15

    * If the Aquaris is transported carefully and in an upright position, it does not necessarily have to be drained. In this case, however, be sure to leave the hoses screwed on, as otherwise the water will leak out of the screw caps on the front of the Aquaris! If you want to be on the safe side though, you can empty the Aquaris' water tank conveniently over the sink or similar in this way.

    TUXEDO Stellaris 15TUXEDO Stellaris 15


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