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  • Universal Notebook Battery - Mobile Notebook & Mobile Powerbank

    Energy for the road! For your mobile phone, tablet and even your notebook!

    With this Powerbank you will never run out of "juice" :D
    Charging mobile phones and tablets with a mobile battery is a thing of the past - and of course it works with this Powerbank too - but with this mobile battery you can also charge your notebook!

    This Powerbank charges e.g. your InfinityBook Pro 13 (Art. 10900073) almost twice completely! So you can charge the notebook battery on the go without interruption.
    Of course, mobile phones, tablets and all other devices can also be charged with voltages between 5V and 20V!

    Technical Details:

    Size and Weight
    L x W x H: 184 x 123 x 18 mm
    Weight: 585g

    Technology: Lithium-Polymer with 85 Wh
    Capacity: 23000 mAh / 3,7 V
    Lifespan: ca. 500 loading cycles

    Round socket: 5.5 x 2.1 mm
    Charging function: 15-24 V max. 2A
    Full charge: ca. 4 - 5 hours at 20V 2A from 0 to 100%

    Output DC
    Voltage: 9V, 12V, 16V with up to 4,5A; 19V, 20V with up to 3A (60W max)
    Function: voltage switchable via menu function
    Dimensions DC round socket: 5.5 x 2.5mm

    Output USB
    USB 1: 1x USB 5V 2,5A
    USB 2: 1x USB 5V 1A
    USB max. power: 3.1A at parallel usage of USB outputs

    Working Temperature
    Charging: 10 - 45 °C
    Operating: -20 - +60 °C

    Power supply included
    Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: 20V / 2A
    Connection to Powerbank: 5.5 x 2.1 mm

    Output Capacitance
    Depending on the output voltage used, different capacities are available. We have calculated these for you:
    5V: 17000mAh
    9V: 9400mAh
    12V: 7000mAh
    16V: 5300mAh
    19V: 4400mAh
    20V: 4200mAh

    Compatibility USB Output
    Device types: Mobile phone, smartphone, tablet PC, camera, video camera, navigation devices, etc.
    Charging function: devices with a charging voltage of 5V with up to 2.1A charging current.
    Continuous operation: Devices with an operating voltage of 5V and a current consumption of up to 2.1A.

    Cables included: USB spiral cable for adapter, 9 device adapters for Micro-USB, Mini-USB, 2x Samsung, Nokia, PSP, LG, NDSL, Sony Ericsson, TUXEDO.
    Basically you can always use the original USB charging cable of your device.

    Compatibility DC Output
    The following adapters are available as part of the scope of delivery for notebooks and notepads:
    C: TUXEDO (e.g. XC14/15/17, BC15/17, DC15/17, DX15/17, BX15); IBM/ACER/Toshiba (5.5x2.1mm)
    G: TUXEDO (e.g. InfinityBook Pro 13), ACER, BenQ (4.0x1.7mm)

    More included in the package:
    A: Sony (6.0x4.25x1.4mm)
    D: Asus/HP (4.75x1.7mm)
    E: ACER (5.5x1.7mm)
    E2: ACER (3.0x1.0mm)
    H: Samsung (5.5x3.25x1.0mm)
    J: Dell/HP (7.4x5.0x0.6mm)
    K: IBM/SONY (7.9x5.4x0.9mm)
    M: Lenovo ThinkPad (squared with pin)

    Adapter Cable:
    Plug A for device connection 5.5x2.5mm
    Plug B for adapter 5.5x2.1mm

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