TUXEDO Computers

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  • Your TUXEDO. Your choice.

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    TUXEDO Computers are customizable notebooks and desktop PCs that are fully Linux and Windows compatible. Literally Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit.

    We ship your TUXEDO readily pre-installed with all drivers and software packages for the best possible Linux experience 'out of the box'.

    Unbox it, turn it on and you are good to go!

    Our key factors

    100% Linux compatible

    TUXEDO devices are completely Linux compatible!

    With our Linux Notebooks and PCs EVERYTHING works! ALL function keys, brightness adjustment, stand-by mode, energy saving functions, flight mode key etc.

    Of course, you get all Windows drivers free of charge with your TUXEDO as well.

    Individually configurable

    TUXEDO Notebooks and PCs are no 'off the rack' devices!

    Customize your Linux PC or Notebook according to your wishes and requirements and pay only for what you need.

    Ready to use

    Switch on and get started! No annoying driver search, no problems, no tinkering. We promise!

    And if something should get stuck, our support will be happy to help you or you can reset your system using our innovative WebFAI.

    Inhouse development

    Linux compatibility alone is not enough for us. Our claim is to offer you perfectly working Linux hardware!

    Therefore our software department develops driver packages and software solutions, like our TUXEDO Control Center, for an optimal Linux experience!

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