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  • Welcome to TUXEDO Computers!

    January 11th, 2021 – We are very pleased about the great demand for TUXEDO products. Nevertheless, the pre-Christmas period and the past year have given us a lot of work, which we can only catch up on gradually. For this we ask for a little patience.

    But of course we will not leave you alone!
    ● If you have already sent us an e-mail, we will of course answer it as soon as possible!
    ● For questions about our notebooks, please take a look at the respective technical details. These are very detailed and hopefully helpful!
    ● For support requests, our online help is the first stop and always worth a look. This can save you possible waiting times and you will get directly to the desired result!

    We build tailor-made hardware and all this with Linux!

    TUXEDO Computers are individually built computers/PCs and notebooks which are fully Linux compatible, i. e. Linux hardware in tailor-made suit. We deliver all TUXEDOs in such a way that you only have to unpack, connect and switch them on.

    All our computers and notebooks are assembled and installed in our house. We provide you with self-programmed driver packages, support, installation scripts and everything around our hardware, so that every hardware component really works. Everything works for our notebooks, too! All special keys, brightness adjustment, standby mode, suspend, power saving functions, flight mode button, etc.

    Everyone can do other operating systems, so can we. But we also can do Linux and do so in such a way that everything simply works, everything!


    Help? Directly!

    Our "Help and Support" area is intended to serve as your first point of contact for questions and requests. Here you will find both general instructions and device-specific information as well as frequently asked questions, which should help you to clarify your request. If the questions remain unanswered, our support team at TUXEDO Computers will be happy to assist you.