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Activate the Småland repo with experimental packages

Welcome to Småland, the place for experimentation for TUXEDO OS fans. Named after the charming region in southern Sweden, Småland offers a diverse collection of the latest software, including experimental packages. If you want to try out early releases and trial versions, Småland is the place for you.

Although most things in Småland run smoothly, it’s always helpful to know how to troubleshoot if something does go wrong – for example, when dependencies collide. But don’t worry, the TUXEDO-Community is here to support you and help you solve problems.

Note: Including additional package sources requires knowledge of using command line tools. The included packages are also not subject to the same strict quality control as our official package sources. We would therefore like to advise beginners or users of production systems against this step.

Activate Småland

Via a graphical user interface

To add the Småland repo, call the Discover program management from the application menu. After starting it, select Settings from the sidebar and then tap the Software Sources button.

In the wizard for the administration of the package sources you open the tab Other Software. Over the button Add… include the following line into the package sources of the system. Close the dialog with OK and finally reload the package sources with Reload.

deb jammy main

Via the terminal

Using the following two commands, you add the Småland package source to your TUXEDO OS installation and re-read the data. Afterwards, all packages from the repository are immediately available.

echo 'deb jammy main' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tuxedo-smaland.list
sudo apt update

Disable the Småland repository

If you no longer need Småland, you can deactivate or delete it at any time. The programs and packages installed from the repository will remain intact. However, the packages will then no longer receive updates until the versions in the official package sources have caught up.

Via a graphical user interface

To delete the Småland package source, call up the package source management as described above. In the wizard, open the Other Software tab again and select the Småland repo entry. With a click on Remove you delete the package source (automatically together with the “Source Code” entry). Alternatively, temporarily disable the package source by removing the checkmark in front of the entry.

Via the terminal

Use the following command to delete the Småland repo from the list of package sources – regardless of whether you added the repository via the graphical interface or the command line. You then reread the package sources.

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*smaland*.list
sudo apt update

What software can you find in Småland?

Småland is not a static repository that always contains the same packages. We use the package source to specifically support customers with current packages as long as it is necessary. Currently, for example, we maintain uptodate packages from Wine, Lutris or Gamescope in Småland. You query the current state after adding the package source with the following command.

aptitude search "?origin(smaland)"

Which packages were installed from Småland?

Before deleting the Småland package source, it is recommended to check which packages from the repository were added to the TUXEDO OS installation on your computer. The following command lists all packages.

aptitude search "?origin(smaland) ?installed"
(out)i   gamescope              - Micro-compositor for game scaling        
(out)i   hwdata                 - Hardware-Identifikation / Konfigurationsd
(out)i A libvulkan1             - Vulkan loader library                    
(out)i   wine-stable            - WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs
(out)i A wine-stable-amd64      - WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs
(out)i A wine-stable-i386:i386  - WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs

If necessary, after deleting the Småland package source, use the following command to reinstall the previously identified packages from the official package sources – if they are included in the official package sources at all.

sudo apt install --reinstall PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 ...