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First look at TUXEDO OS 2

After the first release of TUXEDO OS, we are currently preparing the second edition of our operating system. With a preview, we would like to offer interested users the opportunity to participate in the development process and take a first look at the updated system. For this purpose, we offer the upcoming release in the form of an ISO image that you can write to a USB flash drive. For testing, we recommend booting TUXEDO OS 2 as a live system, this way your current installation will be preserved.


TUXEDO OS 2 Preview comes with TUXEDO kernel 5.15.0-10052 together with Mesa 22.2.3, Pipewire 0.3.60 and Wireplumber 0.4.12. The final release will be equipped with kernel 6.0 and the NVIDIA driver in version 520. The corresponding updates are still undergoing final tests by our developers. The installation is done by the revised Calamares installer in version 3.2.60, which received new translations. Plasma 5.26.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.100 with Qt 5.15.7 take care of the desktop.


TUXEDO OS 2 with latest Plasma 5.26.3.



The biggest innovations in Plasma 5.26 include scalable widgets on the desktop. A new widget that can be used to control the music currently being played and color filters that can be activated automatically at night, which relieve the strain on the eyes when working in a darker environment. The most important changes are presented by the KDE community in a YouTube video.


Source: KDE Community, License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


Just in time for the last touches on TUXEDO OS 2 Preview, Mozilla has also released its latest Firefox 107. The browser is still our first choice and is preinstalled in TUXEDO OS in the form of a DEB package and not, as in Ubuntu, as a separate snap package. The necessary background service snapd is also not preinstalled in TUXEDO OS. This way, we guarantee the best possible performance and compatibility.


All mentioned developments and improvements will of course be rolled out to already existing installations of TUXEDO OS with the final release. The operating system will automatically notify you as soon as the updates are available. A simple system update is then sufficient to update your TUXEDO computer to TUXEDO OS 2. Your saved data will be preserved during the update.


Updates and Improvements

  • Plasma 5.26.3 (from the KDE neon repos)
  • KDE Frameworks 5.100 (from the KDE neon repos)
  • Qt 5.15.7 (from the KDE neon repos)
  • TUXEDO Kernel 5.15.0-10052
  • Stable Mesa 22.2.3
  • TUXEDO-calamares 3.2.60 with new translations and small bugfixes
  • Pipewire 0.3.60
  • Wireplumber 0.4.12
  • Firefox 107.0