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Coreboot on TUXEDO Computers devices

We have enabled BIOS-side disabling of webcams, microphones and wireless technologies since 2017. This was followed by the individual deactivation of the Intel Management Engine in 2018. In 2019, we were able to include full encryption pre-installed in the online store. Also in 2019, more UEFI features like fan and power profiles followed.

The next logical step is to pursue the topic of Coreboot BIOS or to take the next steps. Currently, we are looking for a developer so that we can work on the topic within the company and make our laptops etc. even more attractive. Also previously we have consulted with various agencies and provided equipment to advance the development of Coreboot on TUXEDO laptops.

We are not shying away from testing or validation efforts here – it is important to us that the devices work flawlessly. Therefore, we are currently focusing our efforts on highest compatibility across all platforms, as well as greatest functionality. That’s why our current UEFI has many unique control and disable options.

To focus only on Coreboot does not do justice to our comprehensive offering here. We offer a whole range of developments, some of which can even be used for free by users without TUXEDO hardware:

We have already greatly expanded our developer team in recent months. Furthermore, more developers are waiting in the wings, so to speak, for the coming months. As you can see, there is always something happening and we will continue to put out feelers in all directions. The most important thing is that as many of our customers as possible benefit from it – as well as the Linux/Open Source community!

The current status in January 2023 can be read here. As soon as we have further noteworthy results, we will provide extensive information, e.g. on the Newsletter or our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon).