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Coreboot on TUXEDO Computers devices

    Since 2017, we have been making it possible to switch off webcams, microphones and radio technology on the BIOS side. 2018, the Intel Management Engine was deactivated individually. And 2019 we were able to add the pre-installed full hard disk encryption to our online shop.

    So it was the next logical step to pursue the topic of Coreboot BIOS or to take the next steps. We are currently looking for a developer so that we can work on the topic within the company and our laptops etc. become even more attractive. We have also previously consulted with various agencies and provided equipment to advance the development of Coreboot on TUXEDO Computers laptops. We don't shy away from testing or validation - it's important to us that the devices work flawlessly.

    The current status in January 2023 can be read here. As soon as we have significant results, we will announce them widely e.g. via the newsletter or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon).