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How can Ubuntu-Users install Firefox as a Debian package?

As can be read in our article Why does TUXEDO OS not support Snap?, TUXEDO OS does not use snap packages. If, on the other hand, you are an Ubuntu user, we explain how to replace Firefox's snap package with the Debian package in this article.

Besides the facts mentioned in the article above, there is another disadvantage for Ubuntu users: since Firefox is isolated from the rest of the system as a snap, it is no longer possible to install GNOME shell extensions from the website with it. To switch to the Debian package, you must first remove the snap from Firefox. You do this in the terminal. This is done with the command 


sudo snap remove --purge firefox

If you try to install Firefox via APT as a regular DEB package, the snap version will be reinstalled, since the Debian package is an empty package that only links to Mozilla's official snap package. To install Firefox (or Chromium) as a Debian package, the TUXEDO repository must first be added to the sources list. We have provided a separate article on how to do this. Shortened,  the line 


deb jammy main
has to be added to the sources list. Finally, for the actual installation of Firefox as a Debian package, the line

sudo apt update && sudo apt install firefox
will install the original Debian package.