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Instructions for opening the device

    It is possible to remove the bottom tray of some units and clean the fan. It is stated in the warranty that this is allowed and will not result in any loss of rights in the event of defects or loss of warranty.

    Two instructions for the person who is responsible for opening the appliance:

    1.) To avoid defects caused by electrostatic discharge, it is advisable to have ESD equipment including a wristband. Alternatively, it should also be sufficient to carry out equipotential bonding by touching an earthed component, such as a radiator, before starting work.

    2.) To open clipped parts, please do not use a screwdriver, but either a special plectrum-like plastic tool, a guitar plectrum or old plastic cards (credit cards or similar).

    3.) Some models have screws under the keyboard. This has to be pressed out. For a better understanding, it is worth taking a look at our video tutorial for the InfinityBook Pro 13.