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Keyboards & Layouts

    General information about TUXEDO keyboards

    Pleasant and effective typing is a decisive factor for a computer in everyday life. Therefore, a precise pressure point as well as a good response behaviour is particularly important to us with all TUXEDO devices in order to ensure clearly defined inputs. With TUXEDO Books, the keyboards are adjustable in several brightness levels and, thanks to a white LED backlight, enable accurate input even in dark working environments. In addition, depending on the model, the keyboards can even be freely color-matched in different colors in separate zones. Details can be found in the description of the respective model.

    Size and alignment

    Especially for notebooks with a display size of 14" and less, the chassis is less wide than for TUXEDO Books of this size. This also has a positive effect on the space for hands and fingers when typing, as our models offer full-width keyboards. That's about the size of DIN A4 for your typing pleasure.

    The alignment of the keyboard and touchpad to each other is certainly a matter of taste, even in parts. For TUXEDO Books, however, our focus is clearly on ergonomics, which is why the touchpad is not exactly centered. Our experience shows that a central alignment to the space bar is very unfavourable, as the user is constantly moving the ball of his hand over the touchpad while typing. We prevent this by slightly shifting the two areas as the most ergonomic variant.


    More Features

    Depending on the model, TUXEDO Book keyboards offer additional features:

    • N-key rollover for any number of simultaneously pressed keys
    • Anti-Ghosting to avoid unintentional, additional entries
    • Silent switches combine optomechanics for particularly quiet typing with unobtrusive sound characteristics


    Special Tux-Touch

    A special highlight is the little penguin Tux on the Super button, instead of the usual window symbol. At TUXEDO we also speak of the Tux button. After all, everyone should know that this is a TUXEDO!
    In addition to the pure look, this key also has a real function with added value: it is directly linked to the start menu of the operating system, allows the assignment of shortcuts and thus facilitates daily work.


    Language layouts

    Keyboard layouts for common languages are available for all TUXEDO notebooks. These include German, English (US), Swiss (DE-CH), Italian, Spanish, French and other languages. For each model you will find them directly in the configurator. Unless otherwise stated, TUXEDO always uses ISO standard keyboards. Other standards, such as ANSI, are available depending on the model, but are also marked as such.


    Differences ISO vs. ANSI

    ANSI and ISO are physical keyboard layouts, i.e., they describe the size and position of the keys independently of the logical layout (US QWERTY, UK QWERTY, QWERTZ, etc.). The terms "ANSI" and "ISO" are also used to describe keyboards with a large Enter key. So an Enter key that occupies the entire space occupied by both the ISO and ANSI return keys.


    In addition to an additional key, the ISO layout has another basic feature: the right Alt key is replaced by the Alt Gr key, which is a typographic meta key that accesses the third symbol via a keyboard. The use of accents in European languages means that many more symbols have to be entered than in the USA, with the keys showing an increased symbol overload. In the UK, for example, the "4" key generates "$" when the Shift key is held and "€" when the Alt Gr key is held.


    Layouts for special requirements

    As a manufacturer of customizable notebooks and PCs, it is our aim to also respond to special wishes and to implement them as far as possible.



    The Dvorak keyboard layout is an ergonomic keyboard layout developed as an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard layout. It uses a different key layout for less fatigue and faster typing. We offer selected TUXEDO Books with Dvorak layout for English (US) and German (DE Type II).

    Dvorak US Layout

    Dvorak Type II DE Layout

    ISO vs ANSI comparison CC-BY-SA Wikipedia