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What is Flexicharger?

Beforehand: Please refer to the item description to find out whether your device supports FlexiCharger.

The longevity of lithium batteries depends on the number of charging cycles they undergo. Fully charging a battery to 100 percent each time thus shortens its overall lifespan. Our laptops therefore offer FlexiCharger, a feature to adjust the battery's charging behavior.

To set the maximum charge, restart the computer and enter the BIOS by pressing and holding down the F2 or Del keys. There, navigate to Advanced, then Advanced Chipset Control and set FlexiCharger to Enabled. Two submenus appear in which you can individually set the desired percentages.

The greater the range between the upper and lower percentages, the longer the battery will last. Charging cycles of 40 to 80 percent are recommended for optimum longevity:

  • Start Charge 40%
  • Stop Charge 80%

With FlexiCharger activated, your TUXEDO Book can be operated exclusively via the AC power connection without affecting the battery charge. This prevents unnecessary charging and discharging, which reduces battery life. This is especially useful when your TUXEDO laptop is connected to the AC adapter for an extended period of time.

FlexiCharger can be deactivated in the BIOS at any time, which resets the charging profile to the factory settings. If you need the longest possible battery life for a trip, for example, deactivate FlexiCharger in advance to charge the battery to 100 percent.