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Why does TUXEDO not ship to all countries worldwide?

    The reason, why we don't ship to all countries in the world, is not because we don't want you as our customer. It is because of various restrictions. In our web shop, you will find a list of the countries we can currently ship to and the shipping costs involved. If you click on the red bar, you will see the list of countries to which we currently cannot ship. If you would like to order from a country that is on none of the lists, don't be afraid to contact us.


    The reasons why we cannot ship to all countries are many and can change quickly with the world situation. For example, we are currently unable to deliver to Ukraine. In addition to geopolitical circumstances, sanctions lists or import restrictions of the respective country may mean that shipping is not possible. Furthermore, there are countries where shipping costs or import duties are simply too high for us to bear in a warranty case. 


    Package forwarding service provider

    If you want to order from a country that is neither on the positive nor the negative list, do not hesitate to contact us. There is a possibility to send parcels to countries that we cannot serve directly via so-called "parcel forwarding service providers". On Wikipedia the service is presented in more detail in an article. The service provider you choose should be based within the European Union. You can find such service providers by entering the terms "parcel forwarding Europe" in a search engine of your choice.

    When using such a service provider, we will send the ordered goods to the service provider of your choice, which will then re-address the parcel and forward it to you. Taxes and customs duties must be taken into account.

    Taxes and Custom Fees

    When processing your order through a service provider in e.g. France, we now incur French VAT, as opposed to exporting directly from the EU through customs by us to, say, Singapore or the U.S., where you, the customer, are exempt from European VAT directly at the time of purchase. This does not change anything in terms of duties and taxes in your country. You can find more info here.

    Getting the VAT back

    In such a case, you initially transfer to us the VAT of the country in which the service provider is located with the invoice amount. However, you can get the VAT back from us as soon as the device has been exported from the EU by your shipping service provider. To accomplish this, customs must confirm the export with a stamp on the invoice receipt. You would need to forward the invoice PDF to your service provider, so they can print it out. Only the delivery bill is included with the unit in paper form. Finally, we need the original invoice with the customs stamp from you after you receive the device to refund you the VAT paid.