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Why is the ventilator so loud?

Note: There are ventilation slots on the bottom of most TUXEDO notebooks, through which the fan(s) suck in air and blow it into the case. Therefore, never place your notebook on cushions, the upholstery of a couch, on bedspreads, a soft blanket or a tablecloth. In the worst case, the notebook could overheat and cause serious damage.

Fan noise is largely dependent on the system load. If the processor and/or the graphics card have to work a lot, the involved chips need a lot of power, which leads to increased waste heat that has to be cooled somehow. If the ventilation slots are covered, the fan(s) can no longer suck in air. This negatively affects the cooling performance and the fan(s) have to spin faster to provide sufficient cooling. This also increases the device’s noise development.