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Intel QC7: Ubuntu 20.04 installation

    For the first time and exclusively for this product, customers of an XMG FUSION 15, Eluktronics Mag-15, Aftershock Vapor 15 or other suppliers of the Intel reference notebook QC71 will be provided with our driver packages free of charge.


    Disclaimer: Please note that the following driver packages do NOT include any warranty or TUXEDO support!
    For users who want the best possible Linux all-round package, we recommend our XMG FUSION 15 - powered by TUXEDO.

    Our 'powered by TUXEDO' edition features not only our own pre-installed and fully ready to use TUXEDO_OS, but also enhanced Linux-related TUXEDO support as well as access to our web-based fully automated system setup called TUXEDO WebFAI and the myTUXEDO cloud services, which meet the highest German data protection standards.



    Step-by-step instructions: Ubuntu installation for your Intel QC71 gaming laptop


    Here you can learn step-by-step how to install Ubuntu 20.04 on your Intel QC71 notebook. These instructions are also valid for other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu, like Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Linux Mint.

    1. If you haven't done already, download your desired installation file (.iso) from the official Ubuntu website and create a bootable medium (e.g. USB stick). You can find instructions here.


    2. Connect your Ubuntu boot stick to your Intel QC71 notebook, turn it on and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until a small blue window for selecting the boot medium appears. Select your Ubuntu stick with your arrow keys and confirm the selection with the Enter key. Now your notebook will not be booted as usual from your built-in SSD, but from your Ubuntu boot stick.


    3. A black screen will then appear with several selection options. Use your arrow keys to select "Install Ubuntu (safe graphics)" and press Enter again.


    4. Follow the Ubuntu installation instructions and install the operating system on your notebook. Please make sure to activate both options "Download updates while installing Ubuntu" and "Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats" !


    5. After completing the installation, please download the following TUXEDO driver packages, which will be installed quickly and automatically by double-clicking. Please install according to the following order!

    5.1 tuxedo-keyboard
    5.2 tuxedo-keyboard-ite
    5.3 tuxedo-tomte
    5.4 tuxedo-control-center

    Please note: If there are more than one .deb installation files in one directory, please download the latest file.


    6. After installing these 4 packages, please reboot your system and you are done!
    Your XMG FUSION 15, Eluktronics Mag-15, Aftershock Vapor 15 etc. is now TUXEDO-approved for a flawless Linux use. Have fun!



    You want to receive TUXEDO-Updates automatically?


    You can easily add our software package sources to your Ubuntu update management. This way you won't miss any update and your system will be kept up to date automatically. For more information, please click here.