BIOS files in your customer account - TUXEDO Computers

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BIOS files in your customer account

If you use TUXEDO OS, TUXEDO desktops and TUXEDO laptops do not require any drivers to be installed separately. However, if you want to install Windows afterwards, or if your device requires a BIOS update, you will find all downloads matching your TUXEDO devices in your customer account.

To do this, click on our website in the top menu bar on the far right on the three vertically arranged dots to open the user menu. Then log in to the store using the Log in button. Since you are already a customer, you only need to enter your email address and the password you set earlier.

After logging in, click again on the menu button in the top bar. After logging in, you will now find your orders, current offers and just also the downloads matching your devices purchased at TUXEDO Computers. Click on this menu item.

A listing of all downloads suitable for your purchases appears here. Now click on Download to get the appropriate drivers or BIOS files as a ZIP file.

Unpack the ZIP file and install the BIOS. A description of how to update the BIOS of your computer can be found in our Knowledge Base.