Encryption of TUXEDO Computers systems with LUKS-LVM - TUXEDO Computers

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Encryption of TUXEDO Computers systems with LUKS-LVM

To protect your data even in the event of physical access by third parties, for example in case of loss or theft, we offer complete encryption of your Linux system using proven cryptography technology.

Important note!
Encryption is a complex topic with far-reaching consequences, in the worst case the "loss" of data through no longer possible access.
In case of doubt, consult our service technicians in advance!

Please also note that a dual boot with Windows is not possible with fully encrypted systems!


The setup takes only a few steps, but has far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we offer you the instructions as a PDF file. So you can print everything comfortably and have it - also during the installation - always at hand!

Download PDF file