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How to configure a Touchpad?

    With most of our devices we make sure that the touchpad is relatively large compared to other notebooks. So you can also work comfortably on the road.
    synaptic automatically adjusts to this circumstance and "widens" the two-finger scrolling. This means you have to keep your fingers a little further apart than you may be used to for two-finger scrolling to work.
    However, there is the possibility to freely configure this as well as many other touchpad options.
    All possible options are displayed when you enter the "synclient" command as su in a terminal:

    sudo synclient

    There is already extensive help for synclient:

    Especially for the clickpad:

    This is how you get a click bar on your touchpad with 33% area each for the left, the middle and the right "mouse button".

    Change the configuration like this:
    sudo gedit /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

    In this file please relace this line
    SoftButtonAreas""50% 0 82% 0 0 0 0 0 0" option

    by this line:

    SoftButtonAreas""66% 0 80% 0 33% 66% 80% 0" option

    The numbers define corners of the button area. The first four numbers are left, right, upper and lower edges of the right mouse button, the second four numbers respectively for the middle mouse button. "0" indicates the rest of the area.
    In our example the right mouse button starts from (left edge) 66% of the area and goes up to 80% of the touchpad (measured from the top), so it has 20% of the touchpad in height, located at the lower edge. A right and a lower edge is not defined for the right mouse button so the area spans to the touchpad's edge.

    The middle button is done analogously but left and right border have to be defined (33% left button start, 66% right button end, height up to 80% measured from the top being the lower 20%).

    This is how you allocate everything very individually!


    The sensitivity of the touchpad can be changed. First you need the touchpad ID. This can be found in the terminal below:

    xinput list |grep Touch
    As a precaution, make a note of the specified values as a backup:
    xinput list-props ID |grep "Synaptics Finger"
    xinput list-props ID |grep Noise
    Now you can change the values:
    xinput set-prop ID "Synaptics Noise Cancellation" 20 20
    xinput set-prop ID "Synaptics Finger" 50 90 255

    The higher the values, the less sensitive the touchpad becomes. So you can set the best values for yourself.


    How do I deactivate my touchpad while typing?

    When typing, it can happen that the ball of your hand hits the touchpad and the cursor jumps arbitrarily. Use syndaemon to help you do this. Enter the following in the Autostart field:

    syndaemon -i .5 -K -t -R -dThis always deactivates the touchpad for half a second after a key has been pressed. This prevents you from accidentally pressing the touchpad with the palm of your hand.