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How do I create and start a Live Medium?

    Preparation: Provide the hardware and the required files.

    You need an empty USB stick or a USB stick that can be formatted without hesitation. Usually, a size of 4 GB is enough for Ubuntu and many other distributions.

    Next you need an image file (.iso file) of the distribution you want to install or use as live medium. For example, you can use Ubuntu, Debian or Knoppix. The .iso files can be downloaded from the respective distributions' websites. Here we use Ubuntu as an example, most image files of other distributions can be handled in the same manner. You can download the Ubuntu live image here.

    To get started you need a device with Linux or Windows (or macOS), with which you can transfer the image to the respective USB medium. 


    Create a Live-Stick under Linux/Windows/macOS

    The tool  "Etcher" is a good recommendation because it is available for all three systems and works quickly and easily. You can download etcher from Installation instructions can also be found there. If only Linux is concerned, USBImager is a good alternative and only a few KB in size.

    First select the image (the downloaded.iso file). Then select the inserted USB stick. Attention: The stick will be completely formatted, then only the data of the live system will be on the stick!  Allso make sure you selected the USB stick and not a hard drive partition! Click on "Flash!" to transfer the image to the stick.

    The Live-Stick created in this way can then be started instead of the installed system. For most TUXEDO Computers Notebooks this is best done via the boot menu (ESC - InfinityBook 14, F7 - all Notebooks, F12 - Desktop PCs). There you choose the USB stick instead of the standard hard drive partition with your installed system on it and then boot the live system.

    Note: Please also refer to our instructions for devices with NVIDIA graphics cards.