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AMD patch developed by TUXEDO Computers accepted by Linux kernel maintainer

Developments by TUXEDO Computers are shared with other manufacturers and the community

There are devices with AMD graphics cards that only support HDMI 1.4 and not HDMI 2.0. In order for these cards to be able to display a 4k resolution at 60Hz, the output signal can be lossily compressed, if the display also supports the compression. We are speaking of YCbCr 4:2:0 encoding, also known as chroma subsampling. 4:2:0.

In some configurations, the monitor and graphics card support the display modes with pixel clocks of up to 600 MHz, but the link encoder may not. Which color mode to use is decided before the capabilities of the link encoder are checked. Therefore, the patch from TUXEDO Computers tries again with the less bandwidth bandwidth-intensive YCbCr420 color mode should YCbCr444 silently fail. This allows some HDMI 1.4 graphics cards to support 4k resolution at 60Hz.

Everyone benefits from this patch development

Developers from TUXEDO Computers have submitted the patch to the Linux mainline developers, and it was accepted. This means that with one of the next Linux kernel versions, the patch will be built into the AMD GPU driver. Due to the development work at TUXEDO Computers, not only customers profit, but all AMD users – even if they don't own a device from TUXEDO Computers.

If you are interested in the code, you can find it at this link. For users of TUXEDO devices, a corresponding update will soon be available via the usual channels.