Fixing instead of reinstalling - Autorepair function in WebFAI for Notebook - TUXEDO Computers

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Fixing instead of reinstalling
Autorepair function in WebFAI for Notebook

Autorepair fuction WebFAI

TUXEDO Computers extends its tool for automated installation

Owners of a TUXEDO Computers notebook know the attached USB stick, which contains the tool for automatic installation of operating systems supported by TUXEDO Computers: the WebFAI. This has now been extended by the Autorepair function.

What does Autorepair do?

If the system on the TUXEDO no longer boots, the autorepair function helps the device to get back into operation without deleting any data, as is usually the case when using the WebFAI.

Autorepair works in the following scenarios:

  • WebFAI Installation
  • WebFAI installation, encrypted
  • Normal, encrypted installation from ISO with one disk
  • Dualboot installation from ISO, Windows/Linux with 2 hard disks (TUXEDO OS encrypted or unencrypted on one disk, Windows on another disk)
  • Dualboot installation from ISO Windows/Linux with 1 hard disk
When installing from an ISO, there are many possibilities to influence the result. We cannot guarantee that Autorepair will work in all possible scenarios.

How to get it to work?

If the WebFAI USB stick is plugged, the new function can be selected in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Users may have to update the WebFAI stick beforehand in order to access the Autorepair function. The second option to use Autorepair is to start the WebFAI from the ISO.

If Autorepair has not led to the desired success, it is recommendable to contact the support team by e-mail or phone with the order and invoice number and describe the corresponding problem.

Hardware and software configuration data - no personal data

Autorepair runs a script that only collects data about the hardware and software configuration of the device and no personal or access data. Likewise, no programs are installed or removed, unless they are packages that have been deleted but are needed by the system. The home directory also stays untouched.