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Happy Birthday TUXEDO Computers!

Happy Birthday!

We're coming of age and celebrating in a big way - and you're celebrating with us!


Maybe you have already seen it as our loyal customers and followers: We have a new logo for our newsletter and social media channels! (Don't worry, the website is yet to follow, but we have something "bigger" coming up here).

Why do we have a new logo? Because we are celebrating our anniversary this year, and are 18 years old! Thus we are considered in our regions as adults and fully capable of doing business. But if you think that we will become boring and stuffy and forget our sense of humor - you are very wrong. Our essence remains the same - we are just one year older!

Win fan packages and more!

And to celebrate, we want to be there with you to celebrate the year and give you gifts, too! This means that we have prepared smaller and larger promotions throughout the year 2022 in which you can participate and win fan packages. At the end of the year there will be a big surprise! So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon and Reddit! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and be there from the beginning when there is something to win! This much is already revealed: among other things, all your creative skills will be in demand!

You will also read interviews with our founder and CEO Herbert Feiler in various magazines. He tells you how TUXEDO Computers has developed! Maybe you are already thinking about where you know us from and how the first contact with a TUXEDO and with us was? Because birthdays always include anecdotes and reminiscing!

We are looking forward to this anniversary year with you and wish us all a good time together!