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Next turn of dishing out gifts!

    Next turn of dishing out gifts!

    It's that time again! Because of our anniversary, which we celebrate throughout the year, raffling two TUXEDO birthday fan packages again with lots of goodies! These gift packs include mugs, t-shirts, writing materials, stickers, vouchers, and much, much more!

    However, we don't just give out gifts like that, as you know - you'll have to do a little something in return.

    This time we want photos from you! No, not of you personally and not THOSE photos - we want to see your TUXEDOs photographed!

    So the question is: What do they look like? Old or new? Stickers or plain? With or without or with your own logo? Built into a setup or just on the table? Always in a fixed place or constantly on the road?

    Show us your TUXEDOs, send us a photo and take part in the raffle. (The first entry counts - more photos are great, but you will only be entered with one photo).

    You have from June 15, 2022 until June 30 to send us your photo via After that, we will raffle off two TUXEDO birthday fan packs among the entries.

    How do we do that? It's simple: The entries will be given a consecutive number and via we will select two winning numbers.

    By the way: Please give your consent in the e-mail if we may post the photos on our social media channels from time to time.

    We look forward to your participation and numerous photos!