Welcome on Board @TUXEDO - Part 26 - TUXEDO Computers

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Welcome on Board @TUXEDO
Part 26

TUXEDO Computers expands its staff and introduces its team

Torsten - development

Welcome on Board


How old are you?

I am 51 years old.

Are you from Augsburg?

No, I come from Pößneck and was also born there. Pößneck is located in Thuringia, about in the middle of the triangle Saalfeld - Jena - Gera.

How long have you been working with Linux and why?

I have been working with Linux for quite a long time. I started to work (and play) with Linux seriously with SuSE 6.0. When SuSE 9.0 was released, I switched to Kanotix. At this time I also started to get involved in community support. When Kanotix changed its direction, I switched to Sidux together with many of the users at that time. After several disputes it turned into aptosid. The core developers of aptosid had a very strange relationship to the user base, so some core members said that this could be done better. So we founded siduction. There I take care of the kernels and the creation of various packages for the live medium. I also maintain packages there, like current Nvidia drivers and Mesa.

How do you know TUXEDO Computers?

Who doesn't know TUXEDO Computers? ;) But seriously, TUXEDO Computers advertises in pretty much every known Linux magazine.

Why did you want to work at TUXEDO Computers?

I was asked directly if I would like to work at TUXEDO Computers, because I also take care of the live ISOs at siduction and there is a need for a live ISO here.

What are you doing in your field?

So mainly I take care at the moment to create a live medium of TUXEDO_OS. I'm also building various packages in this context. Currently I created a script which tries to repair a broken TUXEDO_OS with the help of Tomte in a chroot to repair it.

What do you particularly like about TUXEDO / the devices?

TUXEDO devices are quite visually appealing. And of course, I mainly like the fact that Linux is fully supported on them with all functions. What I like about TUXEDO Computers itself is the working environment and the opportunities it gives me to turn my original hobby into a profession.

What do you dream about for the (TUXEDO) future?

I hope that many people will recognize the advantages of Linux and act accordingly. From my point of view, TUXEDO Computers should become the market leader in Linux notebooks / Linux hardware.

Another personal thing - what are your hobbies?

Well, first of all Linux, here in particular siduction, is my biggest passion. Independently of that I like to go swimming. I like music and am a big Star Trek fan.