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Welcome on Board @TUXEDO
Part 3

    TUXEDO Computers expands its staff and introduces its team

    Katharina - Accounting

    Gabriel - TUXEDO Computers - Support

    How old are you?

    46 years old.

    Are you from Augsburg?

    No, I actually grew up on the Baltic Sea in Germany, but have lived here in the district of Augsburg for a long time.

    How long have you been working with Linux and why?

    In fact, Linux is new to me, but I am open-minded: You can learn everything and acquire new things.

    How do you know TUXEDO Computers?

    TUXEDO Computers and the company I was with before shared premises. I knew the managing director Herbert Feiler and some of the employees by sight and through small conversations over the coffee machine. One could also speak of "neighbourly relations" with a twinkle in one's eye. I have been working directly at TUXEDO Computers since August 2020.

    Why did you want to work at TUXEDO Computers?

    I had just left my previous job and was asked if I would like to work at TUXEDO Computers. As they knew each other before, I had a positive feeling. It was a new job, but with fewer unknowns than would otherwise be the case.

    What do you do in your field?

    I take care of the bookkeeping and make sure that the figures are correct. With two other colleagues, I keep an eye on order processing and the merchandise management system. I also communicate with the tax office.

    What do you particularly like about TUXEDO / the devices?

    The equipment is very light - I like that a lot. Also the working atmosphere: the colleagues and the boss are very nice and social. If you have questions, you can always find a sympathetic ear and other issues can also be dealt with easily. That gives you security!

    What do you dream for the (TUXEDO) future?

    I hope that TUXEDO Computers continues to grow as it is now and that the vision that the management has can be implemented as one would wish. In the field of accounting, things remain mostly as they have always been: juggling with numbers. ;)

    Another personal thing - what are your hobbies?

    I liked to do handicrafts, for example with paper to create 3-D pictures. That is currently on pause, but painting is also part of it. I also like to go for walks and take pictures of nature and animals. But my personal highlight is and remains travelling. I am also a tamer for a teenage girl at home.