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Manjaro InfinityBook: Joint project of TUXEDO Computers and Manjaro Linux

    First laptop of the cooperation released - further devices to follow

    InfinityBook Manjaro - TUXEDO Computers - Manjaro Linux

    Augsburg (Germany), 1st of April 2020. The team of Manjaro Linux and TUXEDO Computers have joined forces to publish a joint project: The Manjaro InfinityBook.

    This is the perfect symbiosis of hardware and software in one device: TUXEDO Computers provides its InfinityBook Pro 15 and the Manjaro team provides the corresponding operating system. Both systems are excellently tuned to each other to provide customers with the best user experience.

    Additionally, the device can be configured according to customer requirements: Up to 64 GB RAM are possible as well as the 10th generation of a Core i7 processor and up to 2 TB memory. Customers can also enjoy the Super Tux key and an individual setting of the keyboard's background colors. Furthermore, the notebook receives an individual laser engraving with a special logo on the display back. A packaging designed by Manjaro completes the overall package of the Manjaro InfinityBook.

    Joint project

    TUXEDO Computers provides technical support for the Manjaro InfinityBook, the team of Manjaro Linux is the right contact for software related questions. Together, they have conducted extensive hardware optimization tests and have adapted software packages and drivers to increase battery life.

    "We are pleased about the cooperation, especially since the sale of the Manjaro InfinityBook is a financial support for the team of Manjaro Linux and we thus contribute to keep the diversity of OpenSource upright", explains Herber Feiler, CEO of TUXEDO Computers GmbH.

    "After the first meeting at a trade fair event was very informal and informal, we are delighted that such a well thought-out partnership has come about. This allows both sides to contribute their strengths and Linux users worldwide to benefit from the advantages", confirms Philip Müller, Project Manager of Manjaro Linux and CEO of Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG

    Cooperation is being expanded

    In the future, further models are to follow in the cooperation. A 14-inch model with an opening angle of 180 degrees is planned. In due course TUXEDO Computers and the team of Manjaro Linux will publish an announcement on all known channels.

    The Manjaro InfinityBook is configurable and can be pre-ordered!