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TUXEDO disables Intel's Management Engine

Königsbrunn, March 14, 2018 – TUXEDO, the provider of customized hardware solutions based on Linux, starts delivering devices with a disengageable Intel Management Engine.


Proprietary software and firmware are often a problem, especially for users of the free operating system Linux. Over the past few months, Intel's Management Engine (ME) has repeatedly attracted attention due to security vulnerabilities. Last but not least, the hole listed as SA-00086 clearly underlined this. The general consensus here is that the deactivation of ME reduces future vulnerabilities.

Data protection at all levels

Security and privacy are very important to the hardware supplier from Königsbrunn near Augsburg. For this reason, the BIOS-side shutdown of webcams, microphones and radio technology was already enabled at the end of 2017. In the interest of its customers, TUXEDO Computers GmbH wanted to go one step further: You should be able to deactivate the Management Engine individually.
In the interests of freedom, an option has been implemented in the BIOS that allows users to decide for themselves whether or not to use Intel's security feature. To make this possible, several months of development work were necessary, followed by intensive testing and validation efforts.


This makes TUXEDO all the more pleased to be able to provide an updated firmware for the first model! With immediate effect the TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 13 is delivered with it ex works. Customers who already have such a model can download the update directly from TUXEDO in their customer account and receive assistance from the support staff if necessary.

Customized Linux installation for full functionality

Like all TUXEDO models, the InfinityBook Pro 13 is individually configurable and available from only 913€ in powerful basic equipment. Pre-installed and ready to use, it comes with various Linux versions.
More details can be found at: https://tuxedocomputers.com/ibp13


With the delivery of all PCs and notebooks from TUXEDO, the selected Linux operating system is not only easy to install, but also completely adapted to the integrated hardware. This includes uploading the latest updates, driver installations, configuring the hot keys and TRIM commands for SSDs. TUXEDO has even developed its own drivers for this purpose. Buyers can choose a Linux distribution of their choice when ordering - whether Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu or elementaryOS. Of course, the latest Ubuntu version 16.04 64-bit is already in use.


A dual boot configuration from Windows and Linux is also available on request - or only Windows. The special thing about TUXEDO is that it always comes with a real Windows full version including license key and installation medium. The corresponding Windows drivers are always on board, regardless of the operating system selected. However, if you would like to install your own Linux system, there is a lavish database and a support forum with downloads, instructions as well as tips and tricks. However, the easiest way to set it up is to use a script developed by TUXEDO, which automatically makes all adjustments. You can find the file at www.tuxedo.sh.

Test positions for press representatives

We are happy to provide test equipment for the press. If you are interested, please let us know your desired configuration at presse@tuxedocomputers.de - of course a dual boot with Windows is also no problem.