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Through Windows to the penguin

Is Linux suitable for Windows users? Clear answers can be found here

At the moment there are more and more problems with the Windows operating system and its updates, so that you can read negative headlines almost every day. Many users are unsure which alternatives they have to the Microsoft operating system. Therefore, we want to give you a little insight into why Linux is possible for users switching to it and what changes are involved.

Various Linux operating systems

Es gibt diverse Linux-Distributionen

For Linux there are some reasons, e.g. that the operating system is free and does not need activation to use all functions and as a private user the number of available software is usually sufficient.
Many who switch from Windows to Linux are initially surprised that there is not THAT Linux system. The almost innumerable amount of Linux distributions are all suitable in general, but beginners are well served to try out the well-known distributions first and to avoid so-called exotics first.

There is a suitable Linux operating system for every area and for different requirements. If you want to be on the safe side, you should first do a small, free test at Distrochooser to find the right operating system for you.

In addition, those who change to Linux will be pleased that Linux is no longer just the system "for hobbyists". It stubbornly persists in the opinion that only code-savvy people can work with Linux. This is not true and many distributions and interfaces now have very appealing and intuitive GUIs, e.g. KDE Plasma or Budgie are often recommended because it has some parallels to Windows.

Testing the Live System

TUXEDO Computers bietet USB-Sticks mit Live-Systemen an.

The biggest difference to Windows is that Linux does not have the same interfaces, accessories and programs. Open source means that many people can work on the same code to create different programs. It is then up to the user which one he wants to use. Here we often say: try it out. For Windows users this is a real step forward, but it's worth it and expands their personal horizons even further. In addition, many distributions are available as live systems. Thus a system on a USB stick can be tested beforehand without immediately overwriting the existing operating system. By the way: Here you can also immediately check whether the existing hardware runs under Linux.

Battery life changes - but not with TUXEDO Computers

Akkulaufzeit verändert sich – aber nicht mit TUXEDO Computers

If users equip their existing device with Linux and do not purchase a pre-installed PC or laptop from TUXEDO Computers, they must expect that not all special keys on the laptop will work and that the battery life of the device will be significantly reduced. By default, Linux offers power-saving technologies for the screen and standby mode, which users can set themselves.

You can also reduce screen brightness or keyboard backlighting to save power. Because who needs keyboard illumination during the day? With a TUXEDO Computers computer, however, customers receive a pre-installed device where all special keys work right away and the battery is adapted so that maximum performance is available.

Installation, Updates, Upgrades

Installation, Updates, Upgrades unter Linux

The installation of software is a big challenge for Windows users, because they are used to being able to use it freely from the network. The Linux distribution works with so-called package sources. But users can rely on the fact that this software from the sources works guaranteed and the quality is guaranteed by intensive tests - a very big advantage.

By the way: Basically, you should deal with a few command line commands that do not require computer science studies. In addition, there are well-documented tools on the Internet, such as or Even if you have a different Linux distribution, the instructions will always help you get started. A small hint: upper and lower case is important here and even special characters can be used more under Linux than under Windows.

Also as far as updates and upgrades are concerned, the user is not bound to a monthly cycle, but can act at his own discretion. TUXEDO Computers however recommends its customers to upgrade only from LTS version to LTS version and to leave aside intermediate versions in order to benefit from as long update support cycles as possible. For details on upgrades, please also visit our support section.

„Replacement programs“ possible but not for everything

„Ersatzprogramme“ möglich aber nicht für alles

Anyone who deals with the free operating system will notice that there is a huge number of open source programs that replace well-known software. Here, too, there are more and more possibilities and work is constantly underway to improve them. Of course, not all programs can replace the paid offers. Unfortunately, not every software for Windows or MacOS is also automatically offered for Linux. Who is not dependent however on it has with Linux its joy. And for everyone who wants to make the step easier: You can also start with a dual-boot installation so that you have access to Windows and Linux. The less often you have to access the Windows partition, the sooner the time has come to close window permanently.