openSUSE Leap 15 on PCs and Notebooks from TUXEDO Computers - openSUSE Leap 15 on PCs and Notebooks from TUXEDO Computers - TUXEDO Computers

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openSUSE Leap 15 on PCs and Notebooks from TUXEDO Computers

Community version based on SUSE Linux Enterprise

On May 25, 2018, the distribution openSUSE will offer a completely revised package for Linux users with its new release "Leap 15". openSUSE is a multi-purpose distribution that is completely open source and developed through a Free Software Community.

New Features in openSUSE Leap 15

What makes the new version special is that for the first time the Enterprise and Community versions are on the same level, since both distributions have the same code in parts. openSUSE Leap 15 now enables migration to the Enterprise branch SLE, brings a new partitioner, integrates the groupware Kopano and switches to Firewalld. "A community distribution that shares a common DNA with the company is the intelligent way to interact with the open source ecosystem," said Kai Dupke, longtime openSUSE user and senior product manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. openSUSE Leap 15 offers the greatest flexibility and freedom of choice for developers and users. Therefore, SUSE will support migration from openSUSE Leap Server installations to SUSE Linux Enterprise for the first time to facilitate future integration and migration.

TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 13 with openSUSE Leap 15

Leap 15 also facilitates the migration of cloud and hardware service providers. TUXEDO Computers was one of the first service providers to be included: The new TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 13 is now available preinstalled with openSUSE Leap 15.

"The quality and speed of openSUSE development are convincing. This underlines not least by the close, productive cooperation prior to the publication of Leap 15, which is why we are all the more pleased to be able to offer a "German distribution" completely preinstalled again for customers and interested parties after a long absence," confirms Herbert Feiler, CEO of TUXEDO Computers.

Maintenance and updates for three years

openSUSE is applied by users who use the distribution as a stable, user-friendly operating system for workstations and servers. Maintenance and security updates for the openSUSE Leap 15 series should last at least three years. Users should upgrade to the latest Leap 15 service packs within six months of each service pack version. Annual service pack updates are also expected.

For more information about the release of openSUSE Leap 15, click here.

Test equipment

We are happy to provide test equipment for the press. If you are interested, please let us know your desired configuration at - of course a dual boot with Windows is also no problem.