Last but not least: Last raffle for the 18th anniversary - TUXEDO Computers

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Last but not least: Last raffle for the 18th anniversary

TUXEDO Anniversary - Raffle

TUXEDO Computers celebrates it's birthday and fans can win

In 2022, TUXEDO Computers celebrates its coming of age, which marks the company's 18th anniversary. We have so far raffled off six gift packages with various smaller and larger gifts from us and our partners Computec Media, Make, Intel, Linux Professional Institute, Open Source Business Alliance, Nextcloud, Holarse and Nitrokey. Once again, we would like to sincerely thank our partners, without whom this giveaway series would not have been possible.

Huge main prize

Now the last two packages are given away and one person can look forward to a huge grand prize - literally: In addition to a large number of gifts, such as stickers, stationery and a wall clock, a 1.20 m fabric tux will be raffled away as well as a TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 13 v3 with 32 GB RAM, 500 GB storage as well as an Intel i7-8550U CPU and the latest version of the TUXEDO OS.

Another highlight is the variable keyboard option. You can choose whether you want a German QWERTY or an English QWERTY layout.

I want to win - what do I have to do?

From November 20 until December 15, fans will again have the opportunity to send congrats to Additionally we want to know: Which distribution do you use? Do you use TUXEDO OS or Ubuntu or Arch (BTW, I use Arch) and which desktop environment is in use?

After that, for the last time, we will raffle a TUXEDO birthday fan package and the grand prize among the entries. Entries will be assigned a sequential number and we will draw two winning numbers via


We look forward to your participation and numerous submissions!


PS: Who wants to tinker, paint or bake may of course also like to do. ;)