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Tailor-made operating system: TUXEDO OS 2 finished and ready for use

Latest Linux kernel for TUXEDO devices

The specially developed operating system TUXEDO OS has been available on the TUXEDOs since last year and work on it is ongoing. The OS is specially adapted and tailored to the TUXEDO hardware so that the hardware is used optimally.

At the same time, it can also be used with non-TUXEDO hardware and thus offers users the opportunity to benefit from TUXEDO's work. The background to this is the interest in and contribution to the Linux and open source community.

Based on the KDE Plasma Desktop, TUXEDO OS combines a user-friendly operation that is also suitable for beginners with a large and flexible range of functions for Linux professionals.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, our own OS is built upon Ubuntu, uses KDE packages from KDE Neon and ports stuff from independent projects to ease the access for regular users.

More information: www.tuxedocomputers.com/en/TUXEDO-OS_1.tuxedo

New Linux Kernel 6.1

The successor version impresses with the consistent continuation of development work. This includes the latest version 5.27.1 of Plasma Desktop as well as the current Linux kernel 6.1 with long-term support.

Further innovations are:

  • KDE Apps 22.12.2
  • KDE Frameworks 5.103.0
  • Mesa graphics stack 22.3.6
  • Firefox 110.0
  • PipeWire Audio 0.3.66
  • Qt Libraries 5.15.8
  • Functional settings for a desktop firewall
  • Extended range of functions of TUXEDO Autorepair

How to get the update

Users do not have to do anything: The new version of TUXEDO OS is automatically installed via continuously provided updates. There is no need to back up data or go through a lengthy installation process. TUXEDO OS has a hybrid release model consisting of rolling- and point releases, the classic versioning model. We like to refer to this as a continuous release model, on the one hand to emphasize the no longer necessary intermediate steps and cumulative updates. On the other hand, users have the security of ongoing testing and quality assurance by our development team. TUXEDO OS uses its own package sources for this purpose, so that important central components such as the KDE Plasma Desktop, the kernel, Mesa, Pipewire and Wireplumber as well as the Firefox browser can be updated independently from the base system. Our driver configuration service Tomte ensures that the system is always up-to-date, without you having to become active yourself.

Feedback is welcome!

TUXEDO OS is not only our in-house Linux distribution. It's also a community project. Being Linux fans ourselves, we want to bring in all the ideas, feature wishes, annoying bugs to fix you have in mind.

So, let us know: