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How do I deactivate my touchpad?

Depending on the device, the touchpad of a TUXEDO laptop under TUXEDO OS can be disabled and also enabled again via the keyboard shortcuts FN+F1 or FN+F9 if required. Some devices also show the status of the touchpad via an LED. Double-tapping on it turns the touchpad off or on again. In the following, we will show you how to permanently disable the touchpad.

Control touchpad via settings

In the settings of TUXEDO OS you will find under SettingsSystem settings » Input Devices » Touchpad with the option Device enabled a possibility to disable the touchpad completely. After clicking Apply the touchpad is disabled. Note that you need an external mouse to turn it on again, you can no longer control the mouse pointer on the screen.

Alternatively, use the Disable while typing setting. This option should actually be active by default. In this mode, the touchpad temporarily turns off as soon as the system registers an input on the keyboard. If you take your hands off the keys again and trigger a “mouse click” on the touchpad, the touchpad starts up again. This way, you usually avoid unintentional inputs while typing.

Further configuration options of the touchpad can be found in this manual.

Permanently disable touchpad

Use the xinput list command to display all available input devices, including the touchpad. Each device has its own ID, listed in the middle column. The following example shows the output on a TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen7.

xinput list
(out)⎡ Virtual core pointer                id=2    master pointer  (3)
(out)⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer      id=4    slave  pointer  (2)
(out)⎜   ↳ UNIW0001:00 093A:0255 Touchpad  id=12   slave  pointer  (2)
(out)⎜   ↳ UNIW0001:00 093A:0255 Mouse     id=13   slave  pointer  (2)
(out)⎣ Virtual core keyboard               id=3    master keyboard (2)
(out)    ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard     id=5    slave  keyboard (3)
(out)    ↳ TUXEDO Keyboard                 id=16   slave  keyboard (3)

You then transfer the specified ID number (in the example the id=12) to the following command:

(out)### General:
xinput set-prop ID-NUMMER "Device Enabled" 0
(out)### Example:
xinput set-prop 12 "Device Enabled" 0

This disables the touchpad until the next reboot. You store this command as an entry in the autostart of your graphical user interface. Under TUXEDO OS you will find the corresponding function under Settings » System settings » Workspace » Startup and Shutdown » Autostart. There you select Add… » Add application… and simply enter the command from above into the input field.

With a 1 instead of the 0 at the end of the command, the touchpad can be reactivated later at any time – until the next restart. If you want to use the touchpad again as before, delete the autostart entry from the configuration.