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TUXEDO Office Hub
Drivers, Installation & Help

    The audio and network ports of the TUXEDO Office Hub are directly supported by the Linux kernel. An additional driver is required to fully use the Office Hub. This so called DisplayLink driver provides support for the video outputs, i.e. HDMI and DisplayPort.

    1. Check BIOS settings

    The HDMI port of the Office Hub requires the so-called DisplayPort signal via USB-C. If you have a TUXEDO device of the InfinityBook Pro (up to v5) series, please make sure that the setting DDI Control in the BIOS is set to DDI to TBT. Only then the HDMI connection of the Office Hub works. (When using the USB-C port of our InfinityBooks Pro 14 v4 and v5, the HDMI port cannot be used)

    2. Update the system to the latest status

    Make sure that your system is up to date, either via the graphical package management or directly via the following terminal commands:


    sudo zypper ref
    sudo zypper up

    TUXEDO_OS & Ubuntu

    sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

    2. Check dependencies

    Install dkms again via the graphical software management or alternatively via terminal:


    sudo zypper in dkms

    TUXEDO_OS & Ubuntu

    sudo apt install dkms build-essential

    In TUXEDO installations, all other dependencies are already installed. Skip the following step!
    For earlier versions of Ubuntu (before 16.04!), please install it later:sudo apt install linux-generic-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-lts-utopic libegl1-mesa-drivers-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-utopic linux-signed-generic-lts-utopic

    3. Install driver


    Install the package displaylink either via the graphical interface (Discover or YaST) or with the following terminal command

    sudo zypper in displaylink

    TUXEDO_OS & Ubuntu

    The driver package can be downloaded here. Please unzip the Zip file.
    Please make the run-file executable by right-clicking > Properties > Access rights > Execute file as program.

    Now run the installation:
    (where xxxxxxx is the version number)

    sudo ./displaylink-driver-xxxxxxx.run

    This process takes a short moment.
    Then you are ready to go and can use external monitors with your TUXEDO Office Hub!


    Checklist in case of problems

    If your TUXEDO Office Hub does not work as desired, please check the following points:

    • Are you using the USB-C cable supplied with the Office Hub?
    • Is the USB-C cable plugged into the Office Hub at the rear port?
    • Is the Office Hub switched on via the switch on the front?
    • The Office Hub was connected during driver installation? Please unplug it, reinstall the drivers and connect the docking station after a reboot again.
    • Please check the USB-C plug and the LAN and USB-C sockets of the Office Hub and USB-C cable to see whether they contain any objects that might prevent them from being plugged in completely.
    • Verify all the cabling between the Laptop and the Office Hub and push the RJ-45 connectors.
    • If the full LAN speed of 1 GBit/s cannot be reached at the hub's port, it might also help to replace the Ethernet cable between the Office Hub and the active network element (hub, switch, router) with a certified one. Even if this is out of the question at first sight, if the same cable works directly on the notebook, there are sometimes incompatibilities between electronic components and certain cables.
    • Please try to connect the Office Hub to a USB 3 type A port of the notebook once for test purposes and only for LAN operation and then test the speed.
    • If present at the time and to exclude the possibility of a defect in the USB cable supplied: Test another USB cable to connect the Office Hub to the notebook.
    • Have you perhaps already made any system adjustments to the factory installation that could affect the LAN driver?
    • Are all updates installed?



    • A solution for network problems can be to set a specific value in the Network Adapter Properties, Speed & Duplex option (instead of Auto Negotiation).
    • Boot problems with connected Office Hub can be solved by deactivating the option Above 4GB MMIO BIOS Assignment in the BIOS of your TUXEDO Book.
    • If the image on external monitors is slow, switching from Xorg to Wayland may help. To do this, log out and select the appropriate session type when you log in again.