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  • TUXEDO Office Hub (Archived)

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    The TUXEDO Office Hub turns your compact TUXEDO Book into a fully-fledged workstation quickly and easily.
    With its USB 3.1 Gen2 connection at 10 Gbit/s, the Office Hub sets no limits. Moving huge files at lightning speed and working productively with multiple monitors is child's play. The Displayport connection also supports monitors with 4K resolution and fast frame rates. Standard connections such as a network socket with Gigabit speed, audio connections and USB 3.0 round off the complete package. Selected TUXEDO devices of the InfinityBook series can even be powered via PowerDelivery!


    Everything's in order

    The Office Hub allows you to work even more efficiently. Simply connect all your devices at the same time and create space at your workplace. A single cable charges your TUXEDO Book and lets you simultaneously control your screen, access your network via fast Gigabit Ethernet, connect additional peripherals and take full advantage of USB-C performance.


    More at a glance

    With the Office Hub you have full flexibility for your demanding workplace. It offers one HDMI and two DisplayPort ports, each supporting 4K resolution displays. This makes professional monitors for colour-fast display or extra large screens for creative tasks easy to use. Make no compromises with your additionally connected second screens!


    Full performance

    With an output of up to 85 watts, the Office Hub charges your TUXEDO InfinityBook via the same cable that connects the station to your computer. This way, misplaced or forgotten power supplies are done away with once and for all! Your peripherals also benefit from a strong power supply: USB-C accessories are supplied with up to 15 watts. And the USB 3.0 ports on the front and back of the Office Hub are strong enough to charge smartphones or tablets and power hungry external drives. As a special highlight, one of the USB 3.0 ports is equipped with a quick charge function (BC 1.2). And even if your TUXEDO Book is closed or unplugged, the Office Hub simply charges your devices further.
    * Please notice technical details below!


    Stable connections

    WLAN is comfortable and flexible. When it comes to fast and reliable connections, there is still no way around a wired network. That's why the Office Hub has an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port that offers this important option. Benefit from fast connections to servers, uninterrupted downloads and reliable data exchange - without the need for an adapter.


    Crystal clear sound

    Spare your high-quality headphones! From now on, you will save yourself the daily task of plugging and unplugging the plugs. Instead, leave your audio accessories connected permanently, stably and gently. Thanks to the amplified audio output of your Office Hub, you can do this without any loss and at the same time connect a high-quality microphone via the separate audio input - all for a crystal-clear sound experience!


    Clever design

    To save even more space on your desk, the Office Hub has a special wedge-shaped housing. This makes it easy to store underneath your TUXEDO book without blocking access to ports. But the case can do even more:
    Your notebook's downward fans get even more airflow. This supports the cooling system by lowering the temperature development and further reduces the fan speed. The case also tilts the entire TUXEDO Book and the keyboard is easier to reach, which shouldn't be underestimated, especially when typing a lot!


    100% Linux

    As proven experts for Linux, it goes without saying that TUXEDO Computers also delivers the Office Hub completely Linux-compatible. This is guaranteed with Linux systems pre-installed by TUXEDO, but nothing stands in the way of smooth operation even with common, modern distributions.

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    Technical Details


    2x USB-C 3.1 | 10Gbit/s
    5x USB-A 3.0
    2x USB 3.1 Gen 2
    Supports 4K displays
    1x Gigabit LAN
    2x DisplayPort
    1x HDMI port (Only available if your Notebook ist equiped with an USB-C port with DisplayPort)



    Compatibility & Details

    In general, all notebooks with USB ports are compatible with our Office Hub. The connection of the hub via USB-C is enabled by a so-called DisplayLink driver. It provides basic functions of image signals via USB. This is very suitable for working and surfing, but only conditionally for gaming and graphics-intensive applications.
    Mice and keyboards connected via USB as well as Gigabit LAN and audio always work. The native HDMI port works as soon as your notebook includes USB-C with DisplayPort. Otherwise, you have to use the included DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.


    TUXEDO Books with NVIDIA graphics

    Devices with NVIDIA graphics cards are not supported by the driver, operation can unfortunately not be guaranteed. Therefore, we explicitly discourage the purchase of the TUXEDO Office Hub here!


    TUXEDO Books with Intel processors

    Devices with Intel CPUs are generally compatible with Office Hub. These limitations are known:


    • Two external 4K displays can be used with max. 30Hz
    • InfinityBooks Pro 14 v4 and v5 do not give out an additional signal via HDMI

    TUXEDO Books with AMD Ryzen processors

    Devices with AMD Ryzen CPU have the following restrictions due to the necessary DisplayLink driver:


    • Slight delays during movements, e.g. when moving windows
    • Monitors with 4K resolution cannot be addressed properly


    Power Delivery

    For the power supply to operate as well as charge the battery of your notebook, it must support charging via USB-C (so-called Power Delivery). The following TUXEDO Books support this:

    • InfinityBook Pro 13 from v4
    • InfinityBook Pro 14 from v4
    • InfinityBook Pro 15 from v4
    • InfinityBook S 14
    • InfinityBook 14 from v1
    • Aura 15
    • Pulse 14
    • Pulse 15
    • and all others that have Power Delivery / DC-IN!


    For all other TUXEDO Books, the notebook power supply must also be connected.


    max. 1920 x 1080 (FullHD) @ 60Hz
    max. 3840 x 2160 (UHD) @ 30Hz
    (depending on the performance of your notebook)


    Possible combinations

    Depending on the graphics card of your laptop (AMD or Intel), it is recommended to consult our Service & Support team before purchasing.


    Two external monitors with FullHD 1080p.

    One external monitor each with 4K UHD 2160p (30Hz) and FullHD 1080p.

    Two external monitors, each with 4K UHD 2160p (30Hz). The internal display of your TUXEDO book is automatically deactivated in this combination.


    Three external monitors with FullHD 1080p. The internal display of your TUXEDO book is automatically deactivated in this combination.
    (Only possible if your laptop ist equiped with an USB-C port with DisplayPort)



    Package Contents

    TUXEDO Office Hub
    Measurements: 245 x 95 x 30 mm
    Weight: 334 g
    USB-C 3.1 to USB-C cable with USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter attached
    Power Adapter (DC cable 160 cm)
    Quick Start

    Instructions for installing the necessary driver can be found here.


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