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Big step forward: the TUXEDO Control Center 1.1.0

    The new release brings many changes and more specific settings

    The TUXEDO Control Center (TCC) is a comprehensive tool that allows customers to control and monitor all safety, performance, energy, comfort and lifetime functions of their TUXEDO. The program can be found under "System Tools" and includes a number of new settings with release 1.1.0.

    Release 1.1.0 - new possibilities

    The biggest changes can be found in the fan control area in the TCC: Here, the control of the respective profile can now be set to a minimum speed as well as a value for the offset fan speed. The fan speed offset is dynamic and system-dependent. The fan speed offset increases all fan speeds by the same percentage.

    The advantage is obvious: With a minimum speed, users can directly let the fan start higher and set a permanent operation of the fan for the respective requirement profile, but at the same time enjoy a quiet TUXEDO since its operation remains quiet.

    Via the offset value, users can intervene in the fan curve and directly influence the speeds from the TUXEDO predefined fan profiles: An example would be to set the fan to 0 and thus enable completely passive operation. However, so that you don't have to worry about your device, the TUXEDO profile automatically kicks in again from 75° C onwards.

    Furthermore, there are switchable visualizations of the fan curves - these can be switched on below the fan control. Direct effects of the interventions can be seen via the graphs on the basis of a temperature and speed display. Thus, changes are directly visible, so this is a good alternative for those who do not only want to operate with numbers and percentage displays.

    Graphen im TUXEDO Control Center

    Graphen für Minimale und Offset Lüftergeschwindigkeit

    AMD (AMD GPU):

    If you have an AMD CPU in your TUXEDO and depend on an external monitor to work with 4K resolution at 60 Hz, you can find the corresponding activation for external displays under "Settings". TUXEDO Computers was able to submit a corresponding patch to the AMD Linux kernel maintainer in April of this year, which was accepted - now the chroma subsampling activation is directly integrated in the TCC. This is made possible by strongly compressing the image signal and by omitting unimportant image information. However: the picture quality may slightly decrease.
    AMD Chroma-Subsampling-Aktivierung

    Tray-Icon in status bar:

    In this small menu, previously set up profiles can be activated temporarily. Users can directly access their device's performance with two clicks. This is especially useful when switching betweengaming and development workflows and when changing conditions arise different demands for the device. The tray icon provides quick access to desired options without having to go directly to the TCC.
    The "Power save blocker" function, on the other hand, prevents the device from automatically going into energy-saving mode or turning off the display. This function makes work easier, especially during presentations or when the screen simply has to be kept in view.

    Tray Icon in Statusleiste

    There is now a GUI if you want to change the password for encryption - a change is thus easier to perform and made especially for users who do not always want to work n the console. The prerequisite is, of course, that an encrypted installation has been set up on the notebook.

    Change crypt password

    By the way: If the fan and CPU control is not handled by the TCC because other tools are used, but other features of the Control Center should be used, the control via the TCC can be deactivated via the global settings.

    Globale Einstellungen

    Smaller changes - easier to use

    In addition, TUXEDO Computers users can look forward to minor changes that facilitate the use of the TUXEDO Control Center. For example, options that are not available are no longer superficially displayed so that users are not confused. Furthermore, the item "Settings" has been moved directly to the menu selection at the bottom left, so that users can find this area more quickly and subordinate settings such as the selection of themes (color scheme light/dark) can be found there.


    Furthermore, the profiles "Cool and breezy" and "Powersafe extreme" have been revised so that they now live up to their name. Smaller changes have been made to the CPU information display: These are now displayed more reliably, faster and also completely for AMD CPUs.

    Parlez-vous français? ¿Hablas español? - Which language is still missing?

    People around the world naturally speak different languages and want to use TCC just as comfortably as those whose native language is German and English. Therefore, we would like to know: Which languages should we add in the future? We are open to suggestions and help and look forward to feedback via email at or via our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon and Reddit!

    Those who have already made the effort can also send the translation directly to TUXEDO Computers or submit it in GitHub:

    Available now!

    Version 1.1.0 of the TUXEDO Control Center will be rolled out from 27.08.2021. Existing users will receive it as a system update. All others can download it directly from our repository: