Like a Jellyfish in the Water: TUXEDOs with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - TUXEDO Computers

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Like a Jellyfish in the Water: TUXEDOs with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

TUXEDO Computers provides new CANONICAL operating system

The new version with long-term support (LTS) of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu is now available from the factory, starting with the Stellaris 15 - Gen4. A selection option via WebFAI is in the works and will follow, just like the factory installation for all other models. In addition to the standard Ubuntu version, other variants such as Mate, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie can also be selected and installed.

An upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 LTS is possible for all TUXEDO Computers customers. For this purpose, a current upgrade guide has been created, which shows how to backup data beforehand and how to perform the upgrade.

However, it is important that no upgrade has to be made! The previous LTS versions like 18.04 and 20.04 will still be supported and provided with updates until 2023 and 2025. So if you still want to take your time before upgrading, you can do so and don't have to act immediately.

Further information about the new LTS release can be found here:

TUXEDO_OS from now on with KDE Plasma Desktop

As part of the new Ubuntu LTS release, TUXEDO Computers is also releasing its new TUXEDO_OS with the KDE Plasma Desktop. Previously, users could use TUXEDO's own OS variant with the Budgie Desktop. However, after years it became apparent that the Budgie desktop did not have the desired functionality and did not fully meet the needs of the customers. Therefore, the decision was made to switch to KDE Plasma, as it offers a wealth of customization options. In addition, KDE Plasma Desktop enjoys great popularity alongside Gnome.

The change to the KDE Plasma Desktop not only meets customer requirements, but also provides an opportunity to initiate a large development project that can be carried out in cooperation with the community. This will result in a product that can meet and satisfy all requirements.

For those who do not want to switch to TUXEDO_OS with KDE Plasma Desktop so far, Ubuntu Budgie will also continue to be kept up-to-date via the WebFAI. In the overview, TUXEDO_OS with Budgie is then further down, since the recommendation of TUXEDO_OS with the KDE Plasma Desktop can be found in the first place.