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New update for the TUXEDO Control Center

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger and our TUXEDO Control Center have in common? Correct! The "Governator".

But joking aside: The so-called "Scaling Governor" or just "Governor" is, in simple terms, a setting in the CPU driver that is responsible for the clock frequency of the CPU.

On customer request we have implemented the function "Maximum Performance" in our TUXEDO Control Center, which activates the governor "Performance" on AMD and Intel CPUs, which lets the CPU cores run permanently with the highest clock frequency, independent of the computing load – quasi the "governor" among the CPU performance settings.

But beware! This function is only suitable in rare special cases, e.g. if the processor should be immediately available at full speed for incoming commands at any time without clocking up.

The disadvantage of the permanent "full throttle setting" is logically the strongly increased energy consumption, which has a negative effect on the battery life!

In the vast majority of cases, you won't need this special mode because your processor automatically adjusts its clock rates to the respective load situation itself and thus achieves the best possible energy efficiency.

You can find more information about the TUXEDO Control Center right here.