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Portable performance giant: The new TUXEDO Book XUX7

Arrival of the performance king! The new TUXEDO Book XUX7.

TUXEDO Pulse 14

Augsburg (Germany), 16th of September 2020. The TUXEDO Book XUX7 is a behemoth of a gaming notebook! With dimensions of 399 x 319 x 43.5 mm and a weight of around 3.8 kg, this high-end desktop replacement is aimed at power users looking for high-end desktop performance in a portable package.


Heavyweight top class performer!

'Mobile' might certainly not be the first that comes to mind when looking at the new TUXEDO Book XUX7's massive chassis. With an overall height of 43.5 mm and a weight of 3.8 kg, the new TUXEDO Book XUX7 is a real flagship gaming notebook.

This empowers the desktop replacement system to achieve extremely high performance on the level of a top-notch desktop PC, but without (completely) sacrificing its advantage: portability!

The territory of the XUX7 is the desk. But it is up to you which one that is: In the office, study, living room or, thanks to its bright display options, even outdoors: The TUXEDO Book XUX7 offers high-end desktop performance where you need it!


High-end desktop CPUs for gaming & rendering

The XUX7 uses desktop processors (using the xy socket) up to Intel's flagship model Core i9-10900K with 10 cores | 20 threads. The 10th Gen processor of the Comet Lake series clocks at up to 5.3 GHz and has a nominal power consumption (TDP) of 125 watts.

The CPU gets accompanied by up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM, which is distributed over a total of 4 RAM slots and clocked at up to 3200 MHz, making it an excellent workstation for even most demanding graphics and video editing as well as computationally complex deep learning and rendering processes.


Up to RTX 2080 SUPER (200 W)

With the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (SUPER) and even up to the absolute flagship model GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER is used in the highest configuration level. With 3072 shaders (CUDA - cores), 8 GB GDDR6 VRAM and a total graphics power (TGP) of 200 watts, the XUX7 offers brute graphics performance at high-end desktop level.

The graphics cards used in the MXM-III V4.0 form factor are plugged into the mainboard and, like the desktop processors, can therefore be replaced.


Ultra-HD & 300 Hz G-SYNC and 97 Wh battery

The XUX7's displays also are chosen from the top-class shelf: While gamers might prefer the 17.3-inch FullHD IPS display with lightning-fast 300 Hz and G-SYNC as their panel of choice, creative professionals can look forward to the ultra high-resolution UHD IPS display with its first-class color space coverage of 100% Adobe RGB and brightness levels of ~400 nits.

This means that even outdoor use is no problem at all, even away from the power outlet. Even though the power-hungry high performance hardware takes its toll, the large 97 Wh battery provides the TUXEDO Book XUX7 up to 4 hours (at ~150 nits, wifi on, at office work) or even up to 6 hours (idle).


4 monitors and 2 power supplies

For multi-monitor usage, the XUX7 has 4 connections for external screen extensions: In addition to 2x Mini DisplayPort 1.4, one monitor each can be driven via HDMI 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3. In addition, 4x USB and 1x UHS-III card reader provide comprehensive interfaces for data exchange.

Double power of two hearts: In order to supply the brute power of the TUXEDO Book XUX7 with sufficient energy, the high-end desktop replacement is supplied with 2x 280 Watt power bricks (including a practical bracket).


The TUXEDO Book XUX7 is now available in our online shop.