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TUXEDO Computers Laptops with Dvorak Layout

    TUXEDO Computers devices can be ordered with different keyboard layouts

    Königsbrunn (Germany), 14th of August 2019. TUXEDO Computers devices can be configured based on personal requirements. This also applies to the layout of the keyboard for a large number of laptops. Customers have the choice between different languages, some of which have different keyboard layouts, or a different Enter key. With immediate effect, the Dvorak keyboard layout or the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) can also be selected for the InfinityBook Pro 15.

    Dovrak Layout Deutsch bei TUXEDO Computers

    Also niche products selectable

    QWERTZ or QWERTY was used at that time for the typewriters, so that the mechanics of the typewriter did not get caught. The system was then retained in the age of PCs. August Dvorak and William Dealey developed the Dvorak keyboard layout as early as 1936, which was to be as quick and easy to learn as possible. The frequency of the letters and the structure of the hands were the most important factors here. Since there is no secure data about the advantages of the layout, the assignment of the keyboard remains so far a niche product. Nevertheless, almost any operating system can switch the keyboard layout so that a QWERTY keyboard can also be used to switch to Dvorak. When configuring a laptop from TUXEDO Computers, customers can now choose the appropriate layout for the InfinityBook Pro 15 to complete the conversion. More devices will follow soon, which can be selected with the Dvorak layout.

    TUXEDO Computers offers a wide range of different keyboard layouts to its laptop devices. Convince yourself: