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"TUXEDO Computers stands for Free Software and Security."

Why TUXEDO Computers is looking for a Coreboot developer?

Königsbrunn (Germany), 19th of June 2019. The news that TUXEDO Computers is looking for a coreboot developer has been welcomed into the IT world. In a short interview, CEO Herbert Feiler explains why the hardware manufacturer from Königsbrunn (Germany) is taking this step.

Herbert Feiler, Geschäftsführer TUXEDO Computers

Mr. Feiler, TUXEDO Computers constantly amazes its customers with new devices. In addition, another topic is very important to you.

Herber Feiler: "Data protection and security are permanent topics, as customers from various professional groups with sensitive or valuable data are looking for solutions from us. We also go around the world with open eyes and see how things develop around us."


What do you mean, precisely?

Herbert Feiler: "We see headlines in newspapers, we read discussions on the net - we notice people's need for independence and freedom in the technical field. With our devices and their equipment, we can make a major contribution to this need. However, there is still a general lack of standard BIOS Coreboot delivery - but the interest is already there. We notice this again and again when we present our devices at trade fairs or Linux days. The question about Coreboot is one of the most frequently asked".

TUXEDO Computers sucht Coreboot-Entwickler

That's why you offered the position as Coreboot developer?

Herbert Feiler: "Exactly. This is about independence for us and the users. Since 2017, we have been making it possible to switch off webcams, microphones and radio technology on the BIOS side. One year later, the Intel Management Engine was deactivated individually. And this year we were able to add the pre-installed full hard disk encryption to our online shop. So it was the next logical step to pursue the topic of Coreboot BIOS or to take the next steps. We had already dealt with Coreboot before, but how the implementation should finally take place was not yet clear. Now we are looking for a developer so that we can work on the topic within the company and our laptops etc. become even more attractive for customers."


What is particularly important to you about this topic?

Herbert Feiler: "Basically it is always important to us that our equipment and everything that has to do with it has hand and foot. We don't fear the test or validation work that has to be done with new software and so on. It is important to us that our devices function perfectly and we prefer to leave out a certain software or driver if not everything works out, rather than annoying our customers. Because it doesn't help the users or us if things are only done quickly and sound good but in the end don't help. That would be neither sensible nor honest."


Why do you think customers ask for Coreboot on TUXEDO devices?

Herbert Feiler: "We had read that many users believe it would be more difficult to install an alternative firmware and that there are great concerns about destroying the device. We know that some users have a lot of interest in their computer. They also mostly know how to get back to the old state when necessary. But there are also users who are generally afraid of an independent installation or don't know what to do. This is understandable and okay. We would build a bridge with our devices and Coreboot and could offer a service that users with less technical understanding could also use and would gain more security for themselves and technically.

Mr. Feiler, thank you very much for the interview and good luck finding a Coreboot developer!


Interested in?

If you are a Coreboot developer or have another skill set and are looking for a new challenge, then take a look at the TUXEDO Computers Careers page: https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/en/Infos/Jobs.tuxedo#



Overview Coreboot

Under the term LinuxBIOS the free BIOS system was started by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1999 and renamed to "Coreboot" at the beginning of 2008. The main tasks are the initialization of all processors and the main memory. With Coreboot firmware images can be generated for x86, ARM and Risc-V devices. Further information is available at: https://www.coreboot.org/

Überblick TUXEDO Computers

TUXEDO Computers offers individually built PCs and notebooks, which are completely Linux-compatible - just Linux hardware in a tailor-made suit. The devices are delivered in such a way that customers only have to unpack them, connect them and switch them on. All computers and notebooks are assembled and installed in-house. TUXEDO Computers provides self-programmed driver packages, support, installation scripts etc. for the hardware, so that every hardware component really works. Also with the Notebooks all special keys function from the outset.